Vegas Golden Knights: How Successful will they be?

The deal has been finalized, the Expansion Draft is complete and the Vegas Golden Knights have selected its first few draft picks. The team will officially be ready for the 2017-18 NHL season, and things are looking pretty promising for the new kid on the block.

While we’ll still have to wait a bit longer to see what kind of team VGK puts onto the ice, let’s take a moment to preview some prop bets. How will the franchise perform financially? Will it Vegas-ify the NHL? How much will it cost to turn the T-Mobile Arena into a freezer?

Here are the odds!

Vegas Golden Knights Odds

Over/Under on average attendance: 16,000

As it stands, the T-Mobile Arena can seat 17,500 for hockey games. Given Vegas’ small hometown population, I think it’s safe to assume the vast majority of tickets sold will be to out-of-towners. There’s a ton of people visiting Vegas at any given time though, and they’re all willing to spend some cash. It wouldn’t be surprising if T-Mobile Arena reached near-capacity every game.

Over/Under on when they put slots machines in T-Mobile Arena: December 2017

It’s not Vegas without the slots. Tourists will be begging for ways to part with their money, and if the demand remains high, Golden Knights officials may try to get arena owners to add some. 

Over/Under on revenue in 2017-18: $165 million

The Golden Knights haven’t even hit the ice yet and already merchandise sales are through the roof. That’s to be expected given the absurd amount of tourists passing through. Ticket sales are also expected to be huge for the same reason. A Knights game at T-Mobile Arena is yet another option for travelers looking to drop some cash and have a grand old time.

Without an established fan base, they probably won’t rake in as much as franchises like the New York Rangers ($219 M) or Montreal Canadiens ($202 M). But they should make a decent buck.

Over/Under on yearly air-conditioning bill: $300,000

How much does it cost to keep ice from melting in 117-degree heat?

The desert isn’t an ideal location for an ice rink, but then again, it’s not an ideal location for a casino either. With so much money up for grabs, they’ll make it work. Even if that means turning the T-Mobile Arena into the world’s largest refrigerator.

Eaton Thatcher

Eaton used to write for MTS predominantly about boxing but also about soccer, football, tennis and basketball.

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