Stanley Cup Finals: Devils at Kings Game 4

The Los Angeles Kings are getting ready to lift the Stanley Cup for the first time in their history as they face the New Jersey Devils in game four with 3-0 lead in the series; the game is at the Staples Center on Wednesday at 8 PM ET.

The Kings are stronger, faster and hungrier than the Devils right now; theyย outmuscleย New Jersey in the victory 4-0 in game three on Monday night, and it seems like there is nothing NJ can do to stop LA.

Stanley Cup Finals: Devils at Kings Game 4“I don’t think we’re too surprised,” said Kingsย defensemanย Drew Doughty, who has scored in every game of the finals. “We know we have a great team in here. Before this game, it easily could have been 2-0 for them. It is a tight series, but at the same time, we are really confident with the team we have in here.”

“We’re almost where we’re trying to go, but we haven’t won anything yet,” captain Dustin Brown said. “We know what we have a chance to do, though. Having an opportunity to win a championship here could get rid of a lot of frustration for a lot of people.”

The Devils are lacking confidence at this point, and you can tell on their faces; the bounces havenโ€™t gone their way. “It’s not the best situation,” Martin Brodeur said. “It’sย probablyย the worst situation you could be in — no, it is the worst situation you could be in. But we believe in ourselves. We’re going to compete as hard as we can, and the result will be there one way or another. … We’re just facing a team right now that’s doing everything right.”

Take the Kings to win the Stanley Cup in game 4; they have won every matchup in this series.

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