Odds are “Rampage” Jackson Won’t Go Back to the UFC

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is no longer with the UFC, but fans want him back.  The fighter is becoming a wrestler now as he has a new deal with Bellator and the TNA Impact professional wrestling organization.

rampage_knockout“Ever since I did that ‘A-Team’ movie… it’s like I cheated on [the UFC]. And so, you know what I’m saying, like over here I don’t see any way I can cheat on Bellator, because it seems like, you know what I’m saying, they’re with Viacom. They got me all set up. It’s all in-house and stuff like that,” the former champion explained to CagePotato.

“I see me being happy with these guys for the rest of my career,” Rampage predicted about Bellator. “I can just feel it. And you’re right, I was super happy when I went to the UFC. I’ve done a lot of favors for the UFC, and sometimes, I didn’t get my favors back to me.”

‘Rampage’ lost his last three UFC presentation, but he didn’t expect the organization turned their backs on him. “Well a lot of people misunderstand things,” Jackson explained.

“Like people thought since I did a movie I wasn’t focused on fighting no more. I turned to a superstar… I didn’t want to fight no more and stuff like that. People always assumed things, and one thing that you’re misunderstanding is that I’m here to entertain people. I’ve done a lot in this sport, and I come from the Pride generation where it’s entertainment first.

“So I know that realistically I probably won’t win all my fights in Bellator. But I’ll be damned if I won’t entertain people. I’m going to come over and put on the most exciting fights.”

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