UFC 157 Odds: Ronda Rousey takes on Liz Carmouchein in a Historic clash

The octagon at the Honda Center in Anaheim will be the place where history will be made for the UFC as Ronda Rousey takes on Liz Carmouchein the first UFC female clash, ever in the main event.

UFC 157 Odds: Ronda Rousey takes on Liz Carmouchein in a Historic clashThe UFC 157 betting line has Rousey as the massive favorite listed -1400 to win. She averages an astounding 1:36 time in her six previous fights.  She didn’t even want to touch the bell in the press conference before the fight.

“I don’t deserve it. I won’t even touch it until I win,” Rousey said of the gold and leather belt in sitting in front of her on the table.

There is a lot of attention in this fight, according to the UFC this chick Rousey is the new sensation in the business.

“This is without a doubt, the most media attention we’ve ever had leading up to a fight. And when I talk about media attention, I’m talking about big time media”, UFC president Dana White said.

“She blows (Brock Lesnar) out of the water,” said White. “No fighter has ever fought in the UFC that has had more attention than she has. It’s a fact.”

Liz Carmouche is listed as a long shot at+700 to win the clash, but she’s just honor to be in this contest as she looks for the upset.

“To be closeted for so long was so difficult. I never planned to be in the place I am today, but for it to have fallen into place is an honor. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback and support. I want to be somebody they can look up to so that they can come out.”

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