UFC 160 – Velasquez vs Silva Betting Preview

Big fight this weekend, as Cain Velasquez takes on the huge underdog Antonio Silva this Saturday May 25th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena – Las Vegas, for the UFC 160 in a Heavyweight matchup.

UFC 160 – Velasquez vs Silva Betting PreviewThe fight is set to be a 5 round one with Velasquez as the favorite -850 and Silva listed +525 IN THE UFC Odds.

“The key to this fight is being in great condition. Cain is used to fighting five rounds. He’s very fast, so footwork is going to be important in this fight. I’ve got to be faster and lighter on my feet and still possess my strength. All those in combination will be key to my success. I can’t wait to get in there, and I will take that belt, said Silva.

“I like when people underestimate me. It’s nice,” Silva said. “I get to go out there, and I get to show them wrong. There are no superheroes in this sport; nobody is invincible”, he finished.

Velasquez is the big favorite because he’s the better fighter and he had beaten ‘Big foot’ Silva before, leaving him with a bloody face the last time they met in the octagon.

“This is a whole new fight,” Velasquez said. “Obviously we saw what Bigfoot can do in his past two fights. You can’t take him lightly. He is a tough competitor. He has really dangerous cuts in the octagon, so I don’t see this as anything less than a hard, grueling fight, and that’s what I’m expecting.”

Velasquez beat Silva at UFC 146 via TKO at 3:36 of round one.

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