Betting on golf is a bit different than other sports, particularly because most tournaments have between 64 and 156 players and odds are high for all of them. Even the favorites, so it’s important to find the best golf betting odds.

There are also a variety of wagers, including futures for the big events, matchups for each round, and live golf betting odds on how players will fare on one or a stretch of holes.



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Best Golf Betting Lines

The next major tournament isn’t until April 2022, but BetUS already has lines posted for who will win the Masters Tournament.

Masters Winners Odds 2022BetOnlineMyBookieBetUS
Dustin Johnson+1000+1000+1000
Jon Rahm+1100+1100+1100
Jordan Spieth+1100+1100+1100
Justin Thomas+1200+1200+1200
Bryson DeChambeau+1400+1400+1400
Rory McIlroy+1600+1600+1600
Brooks Koepka+1800+1800+1800

British Open Betting Odds:

British Open Winners Odds 2021BetOnlineBovadaBetUS
Jon Rahm+900+900+900
Rory McIlroy+1100+1200+1100
Dustin Johnson+1200+1200+1200
Brooks Koepka+1400+1400+1400
Bryson DeChambeau+1600+1600+1600
Jordan Spieth+1800+1800+1800

US Open Golf Betting Odds:

US Open OddsBetOnlineMyBookieBetUS
Jon Rahm+1000+1200+1200
Dustin Johnson+1400+1000+1200
Brooks Koepka+1500+1600+1200
Bryson DeChambeau+1600+1400+1400
Jordan Spieth+1800+1500+1500

Valero Texas Open Betting Odds:

Valero Open OddsBetOnlineMyBookieBetUS
Jordan Spieth+1100+1100+1000
Tony Finau+1400+1600+1500
Scottie Scheffler+1400+1600+1500
Hideki Matsuyama+1600+2000+1800
Corey Conners+2200+2500+2300
Abraham Ancer+1800+2500+2000
Ryan Palmer+2500+3300+2800
Charley Hoffman+3000+3000+2800
Brendan Steele+3500+2800+3000

PGA Championship Betting Odds:

PGA Championship OddsBetOnlineMyBookieBetUS
Rory McIlroy+1100+1100+1000
Dustin Johnson+1400+1300+1200
Jon Rahm+1400+1400+1200
Justin Thomas+1400+1400+1400
Bryson DeChambeau+1400+1400+1400
Jordan Spieth+1600+1600+1600
Brooks Koepka+2800+1800+1800

Players Championship Betting Odds:

Matthew FitzpatrickTBATBATBATBATBA

FedEx Cup Betting Odds:


How to Read Golf Odds

Although the Masters betting odds above are expressed in the American style or sometimes called moneyline, there are also golf odds explained in fractional terms. For the favorite Dustin Johnson, Betus has his odds at +1000, which is the amount a $100 wager will net the bettor, while in fractional terms the same odds would be expressed as 10/1.

If a player has negative odds, which is possible in other wagers such as if a player will make the cut or finish in the top twenty, a -150 means that the bettor would need to wager $150 to net $100, with the winning bet paying back the original wager of $150 and another $100 in winnings.

golf betting odds

Matchup Wagers

Another popular wager is the matchup bet, where golf odds are established for which player will have the better score when paired with another competitor. The players don’t have to be playing in the same group on the course, so the possible wagering possibilities are virtually limitless in a full field PGA Tour event.

In a matchup bet, the favorite usually has negative golf odds and the underdog has a positive number. For instance, if the matchup was John Rahm, the number one player in the world, against Brian Harman, Rahm would likely have odds of about -140 with Harman at +120.

With these odds, the house retains an advantage of $20 if the underdog ends up winning, collecting $140 from the Rahm bettor and paying out $120 to the winner who wagered on Harman. If the favorite wins, they simply take the $100 from the losing wager and pay it to the winning bettor, assuming they have about the same number of wagers on either side of the bet.

Proposition (Prop) Bets

It’s also possible to make other wagers on outcomes such as what a player will shoot in a particular round. These golf betting lines are usually over/under bets, with the bettor wagering whether a golfer will shoot below or above a particular score.

In these wagers, there’s a line set, perhaps at a score of 69.5 with odds established for the over and under bets. Generally the odds are set at -110 for both the over and under, meaning that it takes $110 to win $100, ensuring the house an edge if they can effectively balance the bets.

In order to accomplish that, the oddsmakers usually change the line instead of the odds, although they can also adjust the odds but it’s not as common. That’s why in sports like football that commonly use point spreads, it’s not unusual to see the spread change to adjust to betting patterns.

golf odds

Golf Betting Strategy

With the sheer number of entries in an event and the long PGA Tour odds, one way to wager on golf is to pick a group of players on which to bet. Considering that the favorite has at best +600 odds to win golf tournaments, it’s a risky proposition to wager everything on one player.

Instead, after looking at past performances on that particular course, recent tournament results and overall rankings, it makes sense to choose four or five players that would appear to have an advantage, especially relative to their odds.

If a bet is placed on a favorite with +800 odds and they win, the winnings will still cover the amount wagered on four other players.

If a player with odds of +4000 comes through, it won’t really matter that the other four bets weren’t successful. This strategy can’t be like putting money on a roulette wheel, but needs to be an educated and researched way of choosing players on whom to bet.