A staple among the leagues in Europe, Italy’s Serie A provides bettors around the world with quality soccer betting every week.

Serie A Betting OddsMyBookieBetOnline
AS Roma vs Udinese-192/+340/+440-182/+340/+505
Sampdoria vs Napoli-126/+275/+310-120/+285/+334
Torino vs Lazio+116/+240/+220+120/+250/+240
Spezia vs Juventus-294/+420/+660-278/+440/+750
Fiorentina vs Inter Milan+260/+265/-103+290/+275/-105

Clubs like Juventus, Napoli, Internazionale, AC Milan, and AS Roma are always players on the domestic and world stages as they chase the scudetto.



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Fans can find plenty of great sportsbooks that provide odds on soccer games throughout Europe, and games from Italy are no exception. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, and here are the betting sites we love the most, so take a look at the Serie A odds and happy betting!

Serie A Betting Odds

The Italian Serie A season, like all of those throughout Europe, runs from August to May. Serie A traditionally has a winter break around the Christmas holiday. The teams’ odds to win the league and claim the scudetto will be posted late in the summer but change throughout the season, so smart bettors check on updates after games start to secure their best profit.

Serie A OutrightBovadaGTBetsMyBookie
Inter Milan+188+190+188
AC Milan+500+500+550

Serie A betting odds are formatted the same way as other soccer odds. Depending on where you are, they can be in an American format or a European format. Both are easy to read and understand, which is crucial to do before you bet on Serie A odds.

For soccer odds, there are two main formats as mentioned above. The American format uses positive and negative values, while the European format uses decimals.

Betting odds for a Serie A game in the American format will display the favorite, if there is one, with a negative value. The underdog of the match will have a positive value, and a draw will also be a third option. If there isn’t a straight favorite, then both teams will have positive values. To calculate how much money you will win on a team, read the odds. If Juventus is listed at -115, then you have to risk $115 to make $100. If Lazio is +280, then a bet of $100 will win $280 when Lazio wins.
European odds are displayed in decimals, and the break-even point is 2.0. Any team under 2.0 is the favorite, and any team over 2.0 is the underdog. Again, a draw will be an option on any Serie A game. If AS Roma is listed as 1.95, then you win $195 for a $100 bet to profit $95. If AC Milan is 2.05 and they win on your $100 bet, then you win $205 to profit $105.

Top Five Serie A Betting Tips and Strategies

Check out these Serie A betting tips and strategies to help you decide which bets are the best to make. No matter what league you are watching, following, or betting on, you can always check out our free expert soccer picks and stay current.
Serie A Betting 2021 odds

Do Your Research

Doing research on teams and players from Serie A is crucial. Early in the season, it is best to see which teams have brought in new players or have sold players to make money. Teams with a lot of new faces can take time to develop chemistry and get used to the Italian style of play which can be more open and free-flowing than games in England or Spain.

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Lineups and injury reports are easily accessible these days, especially on social media. Serie A teams will play in other competitions during the year, such as the Champions League, Europa League, and Coppa Italia (Italian Cup). During these weeks, they often have Serie A action as well, so make sure you know what the travel is like and who is well-rested.

Big teams can rotate the squad

Deeper teams will rotate starters and may even give superstars a rest in multi-week games, so it is crucial to know which teams are prioritizing which games. Teams eliminated early from the Champions League, or Europa League can focus completely on Serie A while their rivals remain juggling multiple competitions late in the season.

Weather can also mess with games, depending on heat, rain, cold, or even snow. Keep an eye on the weather and travel reports for the teams in the games you are looking to bet on.

Look at the Big Boys Against Lesser Teams

Since Serie A has promotion/relegation like other European leagues, there are three new teams each year. This sets up a lot of mismatches, especially early in the year as the new teams get used to improved competition and harder travel.

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You can have a lot of success betting on big teams, though the odds aren’t always favorable. Teams loaded with superstars can thrive against smaller, lesser-known teams. Take a look at squads like Juventus, Internazionale, AC Milan, and Roma early in the season and ride them to knock off the minnows.

The newly-promoted teams often have players not used to the speed and power of Serie A. They also have managers who lack the experience of playing big game after a big game, and you can profit from their struggles.


Serie A Betting 2021

Season-Long Bets

Straight game bets are not your only option at most sportsbooks when it comes to Serie A action. In addition to betting on a team to win the title, you can often bet on teams to finish in the top four, teams to be relegated, and teams to lead the league in scoring or goals allowed.

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Serie A is always loaded with superstars, be it Italian ones or top international players. Take a look at the odds on who will lead the league in scoring or be named Player of the Year. Defensively you can bet on Goalkeeper of the Year as well.

Shop the Lines

As with any sport or league that you bet on, make sure you look around to get the best Serie A odds available. Sign up for accounts at multiple sportsbooks as some offer boosts and special odds for games. Many even have season-long contests for soccer leagues or on teams and players.

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Odds can change, and some books are quicker to update off news than other books are. By shopping lines across multiple sportsbooks, you can search for the best value for your money. That’s why we have listed a variety of options for you to keep up to date with the latest Serie A odds and to check which ones have the best odds for the game you want to bet.

Use Trusted Betting Sites

Not every sportsbook is valid and reliable. Make sure to use sportsbooks you can trust, so you aren’t cheating out of your money. Read the rules for your bets as well, so you know what that book will do if bad weather impacts the game and your bet.

We have tested many sportsbooks and list the best ones for you to try. Signing up at these sites will give you access to great bonuses and competitive odds for Serie A action.