Rob Manfred Named New MLB Commish – Odds on Changes

manfred-seligNow that Major League Baseball has named Rob Manfred to replace outgoing commissioner Bud Selig, who wasn’t the most liked or respected leader, the world is wondering what changes could be coming to baseball.

Who knows, in a few years the teams could be playing 8-inning games with five bases and pitcher’s mound is poison. Granted these rule changes are highly unlikely but here’s a look at a few that could be on the table during Manfred’s tenure in office.


All-Star Game no longer determines home field for World Series
Odds: 10/1

More Playoff Teams Added
Odds: 25/1

Playoff teams taken away
Odds: 120/1

Season is shortened
Odds: 200/1

Ties established for the regular season
Odds: 200/1

Teams are contracted
Odds: 40/1

Teams added in Mexico/Puerto Rico/etc.
Odds: 50/1

DH in both leagues
Odds: 80/1

DH is abolished
Odds: 200/1

Labor Peace ends with Strike
Odds: 75/1

Labor Peace Ends with Lockout
Odds: 25/1

Labor Peace continues
Odds: 10/1

PED policy altered
Odds: 200/1

Pitch Clock Instituted
Odds: 30/1

Instant Replay expanded
Odds: 20/1

Salary Cap instituted
Odds: 80/1

No commercials during pitching changes
Odds: 100/1

No warm up pitches after entering from bullpen
Odds: 80/1

Abolish chewing tabacco
Odds: 4/1

A whole other question is whether Pete Rose will be invited to partake at the 2015 All-Star Game, which will be held at Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park. Invariably, Selig is known for two things during his tenure, the steroid era and the banishment of Charlie Hustle.

While he cleaned up the former, the latter remains a noose around his two decades as commissioner, which brings up the question whether Selig will act on Rose’s suspension from baseball or let Manfred clean up the mess.

Similar to an outgoing president issuing pardons, could Selig view an olive branch to Rose as cleaning up his legacy? For sentimental reasons, it could happen but odds are the hard-nosed Selig doesn’t wince leaving office.

Pete Rose reinstated by Rob Manfred
Odds: 8/1

Pete Rose reinstated by Bud Selig
Odds: 40/1

50% up to $250
25% up to $1,000
15% up to $2,500
25% up to $1,000
50% up to $1000