Succession Series Finale Specials: Who Will Be Waystar’s CEO?

  • Bovada is offering ‘Succession’ series finale betting specials on the hit HBO TV show
  • Kendall Roy (-125) is favored to be the Waystar CEO when the fourth and final season concludes
  • Succession will air its 90-minute season finale on Sunday, May 28th 

Succession is wrapping up an incredibly successful four-season run that ranks the show among the all-time greats in prestige television, along the ranks of The Sopranos, Mad Men, The Wire, and Breaking Bad.

With the HBO series wrapping up this Sunday night with a supersized 90-minute episode, let’s look at some of the fun betting specials you can wager on before tuning into the finale. Warning: Spoilers are ahead. Here’s also where you can check out the top betting sites for Entertainment in 2023 and the latest betting odds for the 2024 Oscars.

Waystar CEO at End of 4th Season

Kendall Roy-125
Tom Wambsgan+300
Greg Hirsch+600
Lukas Matsson+650
Shiv Roy+650
Gerri Kellman+700
Roman Roy+700
Connor Roy+6000

Who will be left standing?

Kendall Roy (-125) and Roman Roy (+700) were named co-CEOs of Waystar RoyCo following the death of their father Logan earlier in season 4. However, neither will keep their titles if the deal to GoJo and Lukas Matsson (+650) goes through. If Matsson assumes control of the family business in the finale, he could put any number of people in the big chair.

Shiv Roy (+650) has been backstabbing her two brothers all season by feeding the Swedish billionaire information. The father of her unborn baby, Tom Wambsgan (+300), could also be the choice.

What about cousin Gregg?

Along with his fellow “disgusting brother” Tom, Greg Hirsch (+600) has provided much of the show’s comic relief over the past four seasons. His emergence as CEO would provide the big laughs that Succession is known for. And it might not even be that unrealistic given the underling cousin has spent S4 cozying up with Matsson and feeding him intel.

Gerri Kellman (+700) stepped up as CEO once before. She was also almost canned by Logan before his death and then fired for real by his son Roman a few episodes later. Connor Roy (+6000) also appears on the board as the longest of long shots. After all, he’s got that big Slovenian Ambassadorship on his plate.

Kendall RoyWaystar CEO
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Greg HirschWaystar CEO
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Season 4 Specials

Season 4 specialsBovada
GoJo to acquire Waystar by end of Season 4+130
Waystar to acquire GoJo by end of Season 4-140
Shiv to name her baby Logan by end of Season 4+300
Kendall to go to prison by end of Season 4+2000

Who will buy who?

Two of the four season 4 betting specials revolve around which company will buy the other. If the merger is pushed through by the board, GoJo will acquire Waystar (+130).

But if Kendall and Roman can use their political connections to block the deal, maybe they can turn the tables and have Waystar acquire Gojo (-140). The latter scenario is the current favorite, but wouldn’t that be too much of a happy ending for this show?

Shiv to name her baby Logan by end of Season 4 (+300) is a horrendous bet. Succession isn’t one to leap months ahead, so her baby in all likelihood remains in the oven at the conclusion of the series. Similarly, Kendall to go to prison by end of Season 4 (+2000) has almost no chance of occurring.

Best Bet

The character of Tom Wambsgan (+300) epitomizes the theme of the Succession series as his married-into-money character has successfully climbed the American corporate ladder to become the President of ATN, a fictional proxy for FOX News.

In the series finale of one of the greatest shows in TV history, we think Tom makes one more step into the big chair.

Tom WambsganWaystar CEO
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