2021 NFL Season Props: What Quarterback Will Throw the Most Interceptions?

  • Bovada has Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold (+700) as the favorite to throw the most interceptions this season
  • Rookie quarterbacks Zach Wilson (+900) and Trevor Lawrence (+1500) will start all 17 games, barring injury
  • Ben Roethlisberger (+1200) had the second -worst adjusted interception rate in the NFL last season

Some teams like the Chiefs, Bills and Buccaneers are lucky enough to have NFL MVP quality quarterbacks that make them Super Bowl contenders year after the year, but most are stuck in purgatory while they draft and sign an endless string of signal callers they hope will finally take them to the promise land.

Clubs with QBs high on the board below are either still searching for their franchise savior or believe they just found him. That makes evaluating which player will throw the most interceptions a tricky exercise. He needs to be good enough to not get benched while being bad enough to throw a shit ton of picks – with Jameis Winston’s 30 TD – 30 INT 2019 season being the gold standard.

Let’s look at the odds for Most Interceptions Thrown, and be sure to check out our tips for betting on NFL football games.

Most Interceptions Thrown

Sam Darnold+700
Jared Goff+800
Ryan Fitzpatrick+800
Zach Wilson+900
Jalen Hurts+1000
Ben Roethlisberger+1200
Trevor Lawrence+1500
Daniel Jones+1500
Justin Fields+1600
Justin Herbert+2200
Kirk Cousins+2200
Kyler Murray+2200
Carson Wentz+2500
Drew Lock+2500
Jordan Love+2500
Baker Mayfield+2800
Ryan Tannehill+2800
Dak Prescott+3300
Jameis Winston+3300
Mac Jones+3300
Matt Ryan+3300
Teddy Bridgewater+3300
Andy Dalton+4000
Cam Newton+4000
Davis Mills+4000
Derek Carr+4000
Jimmy Garoppolo+4000
Josh Allen+4000
Tua Tagovailoa+4000
Tyrod Taylor+4000

Turnover Machines

Sam Darnold (+700) is a polarizing figure on Twitter among NFL analysts. Some believe he will shine in Joe Brady’s Panthers offense now that he’s escaped the clutches of Adam Gase while others think he will continue to suck. After throwing 45 TDs and 39 INTs in his first three seasons with the Jets, the 24-year-old is an obvious favorite to lead the NFL in picks as he’ll have a long runway with only former XFLer PJ Walker behind him in Carolina.

Jettisoned by Sean McVay, Jared Goff (+800) is a bad bet because Dan “the knee-cap biter” Campbell and Anthony “I couldn’t tell Justin Herbert was better than Tyrod Taylor” will keep the ball on the ground in Detroit. And while Ryan Fitzpatrick (+800) is the definition of a gunslinger with 223 TDs and 169 INTs over his highly-entertaining 15-year career, Washington will be quick to turn to Taylor Heinicke if the Harvard man turns the ball over.

Darnold’s replacement in New York, No. 2 overall pick Zach Wilson (+900), is next on the board and the man who went directly in front of him in the 2021 NFL Draft, Trevor Lawrence (+1500), is close behind. Since both rookies will start the season behind center and play 17 games barring injury, they’re both strong values.

However, we prefer Lawrence for two reasons: Urban Meyer might not know what he’s doing and, in 2019, the 21-year-old Clemson product knocked himself out of Heisman contention by throwing eight picks in the season’s first seven games. Also, keep in mind that even Peyton Manning led the league with 28 interceptions in his 1998 rookie year.  

Sam DarnoldMost Interceptions Thrown
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Trevor LawrenceMost Interceptions Thrown
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Three More Strong Bets

Jalen Hurts (+1000) threw 6 TDs and 4 INTs in limited action last season. While rumors keep connecting Deshaun Watson to Philadelphia, Hurts only has old man Joe Flacco behind him at the moment.

Ben Roethlisberger (+1200) is once again trotting out the “best shape of my life” trope, but even in his prime the 39-year-old threw the ball to the other team a whole bunch, leading the league in INTs in both 2006 (23) and 2018 (160). According to Football Outsiders, he also had the second -worst adjusted interception rate (20) in the NFL last season.

Daniel Jones (+1500) can’t seem to decide which method of turning the ball over he likes best, with 20 fumbles and 22 interceptions through his first two NFL seasons. With a bottom of the barrel offensive coordinator in Jason Garrett and no competition behind him, the 24-year-old could ‘break’ in his make or break year.

Daniel JonesMost Interceptions Thrown
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