Join MTS’s Free Weekly NFL Pick’em Contest! (Week 5)

Think you’re a sharp? Prove it with MTS’ Weekly NFL Pick’em Contest. Pick the winners of every NFL game against the spread each week for a chance to win weekly prizes.

If you go 100% perfect in any week, you’ll win the grand prize of a $2500 gift card for Stubhub!  If nobody runs the table, we’ll give away a weekly price of a complete Omaha Steak Experience.

This is completely free to play. All you have to do is: (1) follow MTS on Twitter/Facebook, (2) submit your picks under our weekly Facebook post before the Thursday night game begins; (3) after you submit your picks, share the post on your timeline.

To avoid ties, include your guess for total points scored in that week’s Monday nighter.

We will contact the winner for the week via Facebook to get their mailing address.

You may only submit one set of picks per week. Once your picks are submitted you cannot edit them. Any attempts to do so will void your picks for the week! If you missed the Thursday game, you can still participate and pick the winners for Sunday and Monday.

If/when someone records a perfect week, the grand prize will be immediately allocated and no other grand prize will be given out during the year. The weekly prizes for best score will continue, though! So keep making your picks, no matter what!

So what are you waiting for? Read our weekly previews, make your picks, and prove you really have the chops.

Go to our Facebook Page to play.

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