FREE NFL Playoff Pick’em Contest!

The rules are simple. Pick the winners for each round until you have predicted the Super Bowl Champion.

Have a look at the bracket below, then go to our Facebook page and, in the comments section of this post, give us your winners for each round all the way to Super Bowl LI.


Tell us who will win the big game and provide the final score as a tie-breaker. The person with the most correct picks throughout the playoffs wins $250 in StubHub tickets!

Give us the winners in the following format Wild Card Round: Houston, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Seattle. Divisional Round: New England, Kansas City, Seattle, Green Bay. Conference Championship: New England, Green Bay. Super Bowl: New England (28-14).

That’s all you have to do. Pick the winners for a chance to be a winner. It’s really that easy! Good luck.

FREE NFL Playoff Pick’em Contest!

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