NFL Betting – Playoff Props, Coaching Odds, and More (UPDATED)

(Editor’s note: The following is an updated version of an article we ran prior to Wild Card weekend. Some of the odds below remain unchanged since that time, while others have been amended in light of the results in the first set of games.)

The NFL playoffs are underway and at full speed. After the Panthers, Ravens, Colts, and Cowboys won on Wild Card weekend, only eight teams still have a chance to hoist the Lombardi Trophy in February.

The Patriots and Ravens will get the Divisional Playoffs started on Saturday afternoon (4:35 p.m. Eastern), followed by the Seahawks and Panthers in Prime Time (8:15 p.m. Eastern). On Sunday, the Cowboys will visit the Packers in the early game (1:05 p.m. Eastern), and then the Colts and Broncos will wrap things up (4:40 p.m. Eastern).

What’s going to transpire this weekend and thereafter? Only time will tell. But time has this nasty habit of making me wait, which I strongly dislike. So, in the meantime, let’s put on our prognostication pantaloons and set the odds for all things NFL.

Below, we take a look at the eight remaining teams’ odds to win the big game, plus a number of Divisional Playoff props, coaching-change odds, and more! But, first things first, who is going to take home the NFL’s regular season MVP honors?

NFL MVP odds:

  • Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay): 1/6
  • J.J. Watt (Houston): 2/1
  • Tom Brady (New England): 10/1
  • DeMarco Murray (Dallas): 12/1
  • Tony Romo (Dallas): 15/1


Super Bowl Odds:

Odds for the eight remaining playoff teams to win the Super Bowl:

  • Seattle Seahawks: 2/1
  • New England Patriots: 3/1
  • Green Bay Packers: 5/1
  • Denver Broncos: 6/1
  • Dallas Cowboys: 7/1
  • Indianapolis Colts: 16/1
  • Baltimore Ravens: 16/1
  • Carolina Panthers: 22/1

Odds the Super Bowl winner returns to the Super Bowl next season: 14/1

Odds on a halftime show wardrobe malfunction: 33/1 (Katy Perry is performing; she’s not immune.)

Over/under on number of Katy Perry wardrobe changes: 1.5

Odds that Carrie Underwood forgets the words to the national anthem: 100/1 (While she’s had memory problems in the past, it hasn’t been with lyrics.)

Over/under on the length of the national anthem: 1:44


Divisional Playoff Props:

Odds on the following games going to overtime:

  • Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers: 9/1
  • Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos: 9/1
  • Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots: 10/1
  • Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks: 12/1

Odds on there being a brawl in the following games:

  • Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks: 6/1 (The Seahawks tend to breed animosity.)
  • Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots: 8/1 (These teams have a history in the playoffs. Emotions will be running higher than usual.)
  • Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos: 10/1
  • Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers: 12/1 (The Cowboys, who got away with one last weekend, ought to be on their best behavior this Sunday.)

Odds on a fan streaking the field in the following games:

  • Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks: 10/1 (While Seattle is no Phoenix, this should be the warmest of this weekend’s games. A little Pacific Northwest rain never killed anyone, right?)
  • Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots: 15/1 (It’s supposed to be rainy, windy, and cold in Foxborough. No thanks.)
  • Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos: 20/1
  • Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers: 20/1 (All I can say is godspeed to the person who strips down at Lambeau or Mile High in January.)


General Playoff Props:

Odds on which team will commit the most penalties in the playoffs:

  • Seattle Seahawks: 2/1 (They’re a highly penalized team and likely to play three games.)
  • New England Patriots: 3/1 (The Pats are also favored to play three games, but take fewer penalties than the Seahawks.)
  • Denver Broncos: 4/1
  • Carolina: 5/1 (They’re not likely to play past this weekend, but they committed eight penalties for 80 yards in the Wild Card round, and will surely have their share of false starts this weekend with the deafening 12th man at full volume.)
  • Indy: 5/1 (Again, this weekend may be their last game, but they racked up nine penalties for 66 yards against Cincy.)

Odds on which QB will pass for the most yards in the playoffs:

  • Tom Brady (New England): 2/1 (Brady will be facing a Ravens team that was bottom-ten against the pass.)
  • Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay): 3/1 (Rodgers gets a Dallas team that was even worse than Baltimore at defending the pass, but he’s less likely to get three games than Tom Terrific.)
  • Peyton Manning (Denver): 7/2 (Never count out old man Peyton.)
  • Andrew Luck: 4/1 (Luck threw for 376 yards against the Bengals and tends to put up big numbers on, well, everybody. Two games could be enough for him to lead the league for the duration of the playoffs.)
  • Tony Romo (Dallas): 6/1 (Romo had almost 300 yards against the Lions stingy D and will be facing a Packers squad that surrenders its share of yards.)

Odds on which RB will rush for the most yards in the playoffs:

  • Marshawn Lynch (Seattle): 3/2
  • DeMarco Murray (Dallas): 3/2 (Murray only had 75 yards against the Lions, but that’s not too bad considering they were #1 in the league against the run. Win or lose, he should put up more against Green Bay. It’s a toss-up between him and Lynch at this point.)
  • Jonathan Stewart (Carolina): 6/1 (Stewart had over 120 yards against Arizona and is the leader at the moment; but he’s only likely to get one more game, and it will be against the league’s second-best run defense.)
  • Eddie Lacy (Green Bay): 7/1
  • C.J. Anderson (Denver): 7/1

Odds on which player will record the most sacks in the playoffs:

  • Elvis Dumervil (Baltimore): 4/1 (After taking Big Ben down twice, Dumervil is tied for the league-lead. But he faces the Pats this weekend, who only gave up 26 sacks on the year. He may be hard-pressed to get anymore.)
  • Von Miller (Denver): 5/1 (He’ll be playing a Colts offensive line that looked suspect all year, but was all of a sudden impenetrable against the Bengals. Did they improve that much or is Cincy that bad? A bit of both. Miller and DeMarcus Ware should be able to get pressure on Luck.)
  • DeMarcus Ware (Denver): 6/1
  • Charles Johnson (Carolina): 6/1 (Tied with Dumervil for the league-lead with two, but he’ll be facing a more mobile QB in the form of Russell Wilson and only had 8.5 on the year to Dumervil’s 17.)
  • Clay Matthews (Green Bay): 8/1 (It helps that Tony Romo seems keen to hold the ball until the cows come home.)

Odds someone gets suspended for stomping on a QB: 50/1 (In the wake of Ndamukong Suh’s successful appeal, this is not the same as odds that someone will stomp on a QB.)


Coaching Change Odds:

Odds to be the next coach of the …

  • NY Jets (Marrone has been with the Jets organization before, and New York is showing interest. It seems like a perfect fit.)
    • Doug Marrone (head coach of the Bills in 2014): 3/2
    • Dan Quinn (Seattle DC): 3/1
    • Todd Bowles (Arizona DC): 8/1
  • Oakland Raiders
    • Pat Schurmur (Philadelphia OC): 3/1
    • Todd Bowls (Arizona DC): 3/1
    • Jack Del Rio (Denver OC): 5/1
  • San Francisco 49ers (What better way to compete with the Seahawks than by leeching their talent?)
    • Vic Fangio (San Francisco DC): 3/1
    • Dan Quinn (Seattle DC): 5/1
    • Mike Shanahan (head coach of Washington in 2013): 8/1
  • Chicago Bears
    • Todd Bowles (Arizona DC): 3/1
    • Dan Quinn (Seattle DC): 4/1
    • Doug Marrone (head coach of the Bills in 2014): 8/1
  • Atlanta Falcons (The Falcons should be looking for a defensive guru, and would probably prefer Marrone to Ryan, but does Marrone want to take over this defensively suspect team when there are likely to be other options on the table?)
    • Rex Ryan (head coach of the Jets in 2014): 3/1
    • Doug Marrone (head coach of the Bills in 2014): 4/1
    • Dan Quinn (Seattle DC): 8/1
  • Buffalo Bills
    • Frank Reich (San Diego OC): 2/1
    • Jim Schwartz (Buffalo DC): 3/1
    • Adam Gase (Denver OC): 4/1

Odds on what the following recently fired coaches will do next:

  • Doug Marrone
    • NFL head coach: 1/3
    • NFL OC: 5/1
    • NFL DC: 5/1
    • Television: 40/1
    • Unemployment: 40/1
  • Rex Ryan (He might not be any team’s first pick for head coach, but once Marrone is snapped up, someone may give Rexy another crack.)
    • NFL head coach: 2/1
    • Television: 3/1
    • NFL DC: 6/1
    • Unemployment: 50/1
  • Tony Sparano
    • NFL head coach: 4/1
    • NFL OC: 6/1
    • NFL O-line coach: 8/1
    • Television: 12/1
    • Unemployment: 22/1
  • Marc Trestman
    • NFL OC: 4/1
    • NFL QB coach: 4/1
    • Unemployment: 8/1
    • Television: 15/1
    • NFL head coach: 22/1
  • Mike Smith
    • NFL DC: 4/1
    • NFL head coach: 8/1
    • Television: 12/1
    • Unemployment: 22/1


Jim Harbaugh-at-Michigan Odds: (Keep in mind that the moneyline on the unders would pay more for most of the below.)

Over/under on wins for Michigan in its first season under Harbaugh: 7.5

Over/under on years it takes Harbaugh to win a Big Ten title: 2.5

Over/under on years it takes Harbaugh to make the CFP: 2.5

Over/under on years it takes Jim Harbaugh to win a National Championship: 3.5

Over/under on years before Jim Harbaugh returns to the NFL: 3.5


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