NFL Futures Betting – Who’s Going Undefeated?

16 – 0. For years this was a pipe dream in the NFL. Since the 16 game season era began, it was thought that this was an impossibility. And as years rolled on, the uber-competitive nature of the NFL proved that notion over and over again.

But then 2007 happened, and the New England Patriots ran the table in today’s modern NFL.

NFL Futures Betting – Who’s Going Undefeated?Then again in 2009, the Indianapolis Colts looked poised to do the same had they not rested their starters for the last two games of the season.

16 – 0 is no longer fantasy, it is so realistic in fact that the thought of an 18 game season is something that looms in the near future.

So each year, there is a new, interesting futures bet that we must consider. The odds on team going undefeated in the regular season.

The numbers are large, but its not an unrealistic wager if you take a long look at the elite teams in the NFL.

New England Patriots                +3000 

The Pats have been here before, and last season went 14 – 2 in a “rebuilding” year. If there’s a chance to take, this is the one.

Green Bay Packers                +4000 

The defending champs, they lost six games last year, but not one by more than 4 points, with two overtime losses. They changed relatively nothing for 2011, and if they stay as dialed as they were in the playoffs to start the season, this could be 16 – 0 number two.

Pittsburgh Steelers                +5000 

Great money if they win, but Pittsburgh is generally good for at least two terrible outings per season. And in their division, anything can happen. A scary bet.

Philadelphia Eagles                +5000 

This Philly defense looks stellar. And their offense – when Michael Vick was playing – was fantastic. They’re calling for Super Bowl or bust in Philly, I think they could do more.

Atlanta Falcons                            +5000

The Atlanta home record over the last two seasons has been nothing but spectacular. I believe Matty Ice will be a bit better this year, but its road woes that keep me away from this bet.

Baltimore Ravens                +5000 

Will still be a contender this year, but Baltimore lacks the consistency and offensive power to run the table.

Geoff Johnson

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