NFL Futures: Early Super Bowl Lines by Conference

One of the most fun and productive bets in the NFL is trying to find out which conference has a bigger chance of actually lifting the Lombardy Trophy at the end of the season. The NFL betting odds listed the AFC +115 and the NFC -145.
NFL Futures: Early Super Bowl Lines by ConferenceDespite the AFC-dominated the 2000-09 era with the Patriots, Ravens, Steelers and Colts seven of the 10 Super Bowls, the picture is different is this new decade. The NFC has won the last three trophies and it appears as the younger, stronger quarterbacks at on their side.

During the 2000-09 era, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning dominated all the lists about quarterbacks, but regardless of Brady and Manning still being up there, the rest of the top quarterbacks belongs to the NFC with Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees leading the way, but with Eli Manning, Michael Vick, Tony Romo and other backing them up, with breathtaking performances week in and week out.

Why am I only focusing on quarterbacks? Because they make all the different from being a pretender team, to a real contender.

However, the NFC has also solid teams like San Francisco 49ers whose quarterback seemed to be what is separating them from being a legendary team; they have all the right pieces.

San Francisco, Green Bay, New Orleans, and Philadelphia are all potential Super Bowl teams for 2012; NY Giants, Dallas, Detroit, and Atlanta are one step down, but with enough tools to win it all.

The AFC has the Patriots, as always, and you can put the Ravens in there, but they are yet to show they can win the crucial games. The Steelers are rebuilding, although you can never count them out, and Denver is a question mark.

The best bet here is to follow the trend and bet the NFC -145.

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