NFL Lines Eagles vs NY Giants NFC East battle

The NY Giants basically need a miracle to be in the postseason, but the first thins it needs to happen is that they have to beat the Eagles on Sunday at 1 PM ET at Metlife life stadium.

NFL Lines Eagles vs NY Giants NFC East battleAlong with the win, the Giants expect the Bears and the Vikings to lose, so they can get into the playoffs.  It’s an ugly scenario for the Champions.

“Obviously, the scenarios are very possible,” quarterback Eli Manning said. “It’s not like a bunch of huge upsets have to happen. These are three divisional games being played, and in the division, you never know what might occur”.

“Our fans are here,” coach Tom Coughlin said. “We’re excited to play in front of our fans and I hope that engenders the same kind of result this Sunday.”

The Eagles have the Giants’ number over the last few years, but with Nick Foles on the IR it will be Mike Vick who will be in charge of the offense.

“I’m fully confident in myself and the guys around me,” Vick, who is 3-1 against the Eagles said. “We’ll have to go out there and put it all together for the last game and get a win for Andy.”

Of course, Andy Reid long career with the Eagles might be done, and there is an emotional thing attached to this game-.

“You don’t think of those things,” Reid said. “Your mind never goes there. It’s one day at a time, and that’s how you go about it. You really don’t look into the future.”

The Giants are 7 point favorites in the NFL Lines

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