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The 2016 NFL Draft has been so bountiful in its drama, it has happily spread it out over the last three weeks. But it would be kind of disappointing to find out on Thursday that the craziest parts had already happened.Β So as theΒ Los Angeles Rams prepare to turn in their card, we at MTS are preparing for some more draft madness.

Who will hear their name called first? (Goff.) Could it be someone other than a quarterback? (No.) Will there be more trades at the top of the draft? (Probably not.) Will Cleveland screw up their pick? (Almost certainly.) Will Paxton Lynch see his draft stock skyrocket? (Please for the love of all things holy, NOOOOO!!!!)

For all your questions about the final big event of the NFL offseason, consult our latest edition of NFL Draft props below.

2016 NFL Draft Odds

Odds to be selected withΒ the 1st overall pick:

  • Jared Goff (Cal): 2/5
  • Carson Wentz (ND St): 7/3
  • Jalen Ramsey (FSU): 100/1

Odds on which rookie QB wins a Super Bowl (as a starter) first:

  • Jared Goff (Cal): 7/2
  • Carson Wentz (ND St): 11/2
  • Paxton Lynch (Memphis): 12/1
  • Dak Prescott (Mississippi St): 50/1
  • Cardale Jones (Ohio State): 50/1
  • Connor Cook (Michigan State): 80/1
  • None: 8/9

Just because a few quarterbacks are highly-touted, it doesn’t mean that the rookie class will ever reach the pinnacle. We’re still waiting on a Super Bowl from the 1999, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2009 QB classes. Goff and Wentz will be going to solid teams, but it will still be a while before the championship window opens, and who’s to say they’ll still be in charge when that happens?

Odds on which rookie QBs will start week 1 (2016):

  • Jared Goff (Cal): 1/6
  • Carson Wentz (ND St): 5/3
  • Paxton Lynch (Memphis): 5/1
  • Dak Prescott (Mississippi St): 40/1
  • Cardale Jones (Ohio State): 60/1
  • Connor Cook (Michigan State): 60/1

Odds to win 2016 Offensive ROY:

  • Ezekiel Elliott (Ohio State):: 9/2
  • Jared Goff (Cal): 6/1
  • Josh Doctson (TCU): 10/1
  • Carson Wentz (ND St): 10/1
  • Laquon Treadwell (Ole Miss): 12/1
  • Will Fuller (Notre Dame): 14/1
  • Derrick Henry (Alabama): 14/1

Odds to win 2016 Defensive ROY:

  • Myles Jack (UCLA): 6/1
  • Jalen Ramsey (FSU): 15/2
  • DeForest Buckner (Oregon): 9/1
  • Joey Bosa (Ohio State): 9/1
  • Reggie Ragland (Alabama): 12/1
  • Shaq Lawson (Clemson): 12/1
  • Vernon Hargreaves (Florida): 15/1

Over/under on QBs selected in the first round: 3 o/u

Odds to have the most players selected in first round:

  • Ohio State: 2/11
  • Alabama: 12/1
  • Tie between two or more: 19/2

Odds to make the most trades during the draft:

  • San Francisco 49ers: 4/1
  • New England Patriots: 8/1
  • Cleveland Browns: 9/1
  • Dallas Cowboys: 10/1
  • Tennessee Titans: 10/1

Trent Baalke typically loves to trade backwards, but with 12 picks already, he might be required to make some forward leaps as well.

Odds to make the most picks:

  • Cleveland Browns: 3/2
  • San Francisco 49ers: 2/1
  • New England Patriots: 4/1

The more picks the Browns add, the less they’ll have to rely on their terrible scouting department to get it right. Look for them to add even more to their draft-leading 12 picks.

Odds on which draftee will hugΒ Roger Goodell the longest:

  • Robert Nkemdiche (Ole Miss): 7/2
  • Laremy TunsilΒ (Ole Miss): 5/1
  • Myles Jack (UCLA): 6/1
  • Vernon Butler (LA Tech): 8/1

Typically this honor goes to a big guy, or a player who had an especially tough road to hearing his name get called. ‘Diche checks both those boxes.

Odds on which draftee will wear the most β€œbling:”

  • Laquon Treadwell (Ole Miss): 7/1
  • Shaq Lawson (Clemson): 7/1
  • Ezekiel Elliott (Ohio State): 9/1
  • Corey Coleman (Baylor): 11/1
  • Jalen Ramsey (FSU): 11/1
  • Jared Goff (Cal): 99/1

Odds a team doesn’t make a pick in the allotted time: 31/1

Odds the power goes out during the draft: 1,500/1

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