NFL Odds – Brady Suspension Upheld; Now What?

Well, it looks like it’s time for Tom Brady to assemble his “dream team.” No, not Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman! His dream legal team, as the Golden Boy has more legal battles ahead of him after the NFL ruled to uphold his four-game suspension on Tuesday. (Adding insult to injury, they announced a reduction in LeVeon Bell’s suspension the same day!)

The NFL cited the fact that Brady destroyed the cellphone he used to text equipment managers – including Jim McNally, the self-proclaimed “Deflator” – as a major factor in upholding the suspension. But the year’s most popular story involving deflation (sorry Greece!) is far from over, as Brady has already announced his intention to sue the NFL. Never one to be a step behind, the NFL filed a preemptive lawsuit looking for affirmation on the outcome of their appeal.

Basically what it all means is there is still a lot of legal jargon to wade through, including Brady seeking an injunction that would allow him to play while the case is being held. But if he is granted injunction, and the NFLPA loses the suit, Brady’s suspension would begin later in the year, perhaps even during the postseason depending on how long this fight goes on.

If you’re a Patriots fan, or even just tired of hearing about Deflategate, this is not ideal news for you. But in order to get some enjoyment out of the ongoing legal battle, we’ve set more odds for the Brady legal battle, as well as if this suspension will have any effect on the quarterback’s legacy.

Odds Brady’s lawsuit against NFL makes it to court:

  • The case gets to a Judge ruling – 2/3
  • Settle out of court – 9/5
  •  NFLPA drops case – 16/1

Odds Brady is granted injunction:

  • No – 3/7
  • Yes – 2/1

Odds on who wins lawsuit:

  • NFL – 3/5
  • Brady & NFLPA – 3/2

Odds of the Patriots record if Brady’s four game suspension is upheld:  

  • (4-0) – 12/1
  • (3-1) – 4/1
  • (2-2) – 5/3
  • (1-3) – 3/1
  • (0-4) – 8/1

Odds Tom Brady makes the Hall of Fame:

  • Yes – 1/50
  • No – 32/1

Odds Brady ever wins another Super Bowl:

  • Yes – 13/1
  • No – 1/15

Odds he wins a Super Bowl this season:

  • Yes – 10/1
  • No – 1/12

Over/under on how many more years Brady plays in league: 2.5

Odds he retires before this season:

  • No – 1/25
  • Yes – 20/1

Odds that after retiring…

  • Odds he becomes a broadcast analyst – 1/1
  • Odds he becomes an NFL coach – 3/1
  • Odds he pursues a full time career as a male model – 8/1
  • Odds he appears in a commercial with Hanz and Franz exclaiming that he wants to “Pump…YOU up!” – 33/1
  • Odds he becomes a tire technician – 500/1
  • Odds he starts an oxygen supply company – 850/1
  • Odds he becomes an MTS analyst – 12,000/1

(Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)


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