Packers vs Seahawks Week 3 Picks

The Green Bay Packers had extra-time to prepare their Monday night matchup against the new and improved Seattle Seahawks; Mike McCarthy’s team looks to build momentum with a second win in the season.

Packers vs Seahawks Week 3 PicksThe Packers looked fantastic on defense against the Bears on Thursday night football, but they failed to impress on offense, which is a little bizarre considering is always the other way around.

Aaron Rodgers threw a pick last week against Chicago that ended with the quarterback screaming to his wider receiver James Jones.

“He apologized, said he’s sorry for showing his emotions,” Jones said. “But I was like, (there’s) no need to apologize. We’re trying to win. I messed up. Frustration happens. It’s all good. No love lost. We’re teammates. We’re family in here. Like I said everybody’s trying to win”.

“It’s a lot of little things,” Jones said. “We’re missing a lot of easy plays out there, whether it’s making a routine catch, whether it’s making a tough catch, whether it’s making a key block. We’re very close to being explosive”.

Seattle, on the other hand, showed exciting stuff against the Cowboys, especially their front seven which made Tony Romo’s afternoon a living hell with constant pressure.

“We played really physical, a really physical style that is what we really want to capture,” coach Pete Carroll said. “There is not a guy that sits in this room that doesn’t want to play on a team like that”.

The Packers could be up for a long night if they don’t focus on defense; Seattle is physical on defense and they will play a finest offense.

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