Patriots’ Gronkowski to be ready against Tampa Bay

The New England Patriots received great news this weekend; they will have tight end Rob Gronkowski ready to play probably in week 3 of this 2013 season, when they face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Gillette Stadium.

GronkowskiPatsGronk practiced on Monday in full pads and is expected to miss the games against the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets, but he will be ready to go against Tampa.

“There is no straight-line formula for that. We take it day to day,” Belichick said. “I don’t know any other way to do it. We don’t know how he’s going to be feeling in two days. Or any other player. It’s not about him, it’s about any player that’s coming back from injury. That’s how we do it. Nobody has a crystal ball.”

“We evaluate each player day to day,” Belichick said. “We look at his situation the next day, and if he’s improved and able to move ahead, then we move him ahead. If not, then we keep him where he is, or sometimes there is a step back a little bit, and then you move ahead. It just depends on each individual player, his situation, what his progress is.”

Gronkowski had multiple forearm surgeries and a back procedure in the offseason. “This is his first opportunity to be in pads,” Belichick said. “So, yeah, he’s definitely moving forward.”

The Patriots open as 9.5 points favorites against the Bills in week one, and 8 point favorites against the Jets, the two games Gronk won’t play.

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