Pro Bowl 2012 – Free NFL Betting Pick

To be honest, I don’t how the oddsmakers handicap these games, but the Pro Bowl has the National
conference (NFC) as the big favorite by 3.5 half points over the American conference (AFC) for this
Sunday’s game to be play at Hawaii.

Pro Bowl 2012 – Free NFL Betting PickI’m just leaning towards the NFC because they have better quarterback with Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Cam Newton than the AFC with Big Ben Roethlisberger, Phillip Rivers and Andy Dalton; the AFC’s best QB is a little busy preparing for the Super Bowl 46.

All of these players are simply the losers that couldn’t get to the biggest stage. For them, it is a hard
feeling to be playing in the Pro Bowl, despite most of them have won the Super Bowl before. “Once you get that taste in your mouth, that’s all you want,” said Saints quarterback Drew Brees, one of only six active quarterbacks who have won a Super Bowl ring. “Everything else is a disappointment. You think about it all the time, you really do.”
“You want to win as many as you can,” Big Ben Roethlisberger added. “Once you get one, you set a
goal early. My thing was, I just wanted to do one more than everyone else. Five was always the magic
number. So that’s always been the goal”.

Most of the athletes are here not because they want to be, but because the competition is so hard; it’s
really difficult to be in the Super Bowl over and over again. The best bet on the board is the NFC team,
because of their quarterbacks, but to be fair, this is a coin flip at the end.

My pick: NFC -3.5.

Geoff Johnson

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