George Santos To Get Ousted From House In 2023

  • The House Of Representatives has a mess on their hands with George Santos. 
  • With scandals and indictments rolling in from all angles, opposition is circling rapidly.
  • Does Santos get expelled or forced to resign before the end of 2023?

The 2024 political cycle takes a back seat for George Santos. Santos is the U.S. Representative for the third district of New York. Naturally, My Top Sportsbooks go in the least obvious direction imaginable. While everyone is focused on which 80+ year old Presidential candidate will get convicted first, we dive into a completely different end of the political pool. Therefore, bettors get some George Santos Best Bets. Also, there is the added possibility of even more trials and tribulations.

Only the very best in online betting sportsbooks update odds when it comes to something this unbelievably crazy. Below, we show readers the latest numbers. Keep in mind, this is a bet where, to win, George Santos has to be out of office by December 31st, 2023. If he makes it to 2024, the Yes bet wins. Otherwise, the No takes the cake.

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George Santos Best Bets – How Is He Still A Congressman?

Alright, with George Santos Best Bets, let’s ask one question first. How is George Santos still a Congressman? The answer baffles many that the candidate got elected and sworn in. Yes, the first LGBT Republican elected to Congress faced an uphill climb. He won election by eight points over his Democrat opponent. From the start, it has been a battle. Arguably, Santos runs head-first into what can be best described as a gauntlet heading into 2024.

Naturally, this Republican mess is more complicated than it looks. The problem with the Republican-controlled Congress is how narrow their majority truthfully is. They need every seat and that includes the seat of Santos. Most were hoping that the 35-year old would be gone by now. However, despite a few indictments and pleading guilty to check fraud in Brazil, there has been no real traction in ejecting Santos from his seat.

The idea that New York basically elected a criminal is not a surprise. Also, this keeps things spicy err interesting during the final months of 2024. The heat has not subsided on Santos. If anything, things have only intensified for the embattled Congressman behind the scenes. Most may not see what is going on publicly, However, privately this is a completely different matter. The political tug-of-war is very real

Some experts believed the number should be close to Even for 2023. The reality is odds are much more lopsided for Santos staying in the House come early 2024. Yet, the indictments and charges do not back down. Santos faces the possibility of literally doing nothing in Congress before getting ousted.

How About The Case For No?

Okay, let us pick up the pace as we approach the case for no on Santos in 2024. Why? That is simple. This is a nice long shot as the prime online political betting sites have begun to warm up to the idea that the New Yorker may be eventually forced out. Again, this is not only about the charges and indictments. This is a person who literally lied his way into Congress. Now, is that an undisputed fact or what? Could this be the time in the George Santos Best Bets?

After all, never mind if you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent. Every one of the 13 charges in the Santos indictment are felonies. Worse, there are two felonies of essentially lying to the House of Representatives. Wire fraud and money laundering are pretty bad. Stealing public funds is worse and probably not the first time that Santos has done such a thing. Now, that is a pretty sobering thought.

With this, expect things to only crank up as the charges and accusations mount on Donald Trump and the Biden’s. Apparently, a scorched Earth policy could be a possibility. That is the type of thing which would make a pariah like Santos an early casualty. Again, everyone needs a fall guy to take the heat off the top players in the food chain. Why not sacrifice a guy like Santos? This makes too much sense.

Alas, a lot of people are saying the right things. Now can they finally do the right thing? The feeling may be Santos gets the boot before Christmas.. Yes, that is why the George Santos Best Bets lean to that +250 of a long shot. Please understand, there is a viable Republican who could run in his place.

George Santosto get ousted in 2023
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George Santos Best Bets – Some Hope For The Yes

With what looms potentially next, what about some hope for the yes in the George Santos Best Bets? This appears to be easy given that few believed that Santos would ever serve a day in Congress. He got sworn in this January. Then, Santos ended up on a committee. Furthermore, the Congressman announced he is running for re-election in 2024 no matter what. At this juncture, there is enough sentiment among bettors and people alike that Santos could still be in the House in 2024.

American political experts do not believe Santos will survive a re-election bid. However, that is not the question here. The question lies with Santos, the House, and 2024.

Looking at that -375 not the greatest for the easy way out. Then again, every indictment seems to only feed Donald Trump more. Does Santos feel as emboldened? If anything, he is still on the offensive. Even with 30+ subpoenas and 40+ voluntary requests, the Congressman keeps looking ahead. With less than five months til 2024, bookies seem to like his numbers.

George Santosto stay in Congress
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