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Updated September 23, 2021
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BookMaker Pros & Cons

  • Early Betting Lines
  • Lots Of Bonuses & Rewards
  • High Maximum Betting Limits
  • Payout Fees
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BookMaker Review Notes

After almost 30 years, BookMaker is still among the top betting sites in the marketplace. They post lines early, offer lots of options, pay quickly, and provide big bonuses to serious bettors. With a legit sportsbook offers a wide range of sports to wager on from baseball to football and they also gave a verified casino and racebook.

With a motto like, “Old School Meets New School,” merges professional and reliable tendencies with new sophisticated betting styles. They have adapted to and changed with the sports betting industry over time. has been and continues to be one of the best places to bet.

BookMaker Bonuses

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Few betting sites do promotions better than BookMaker. The site features one of the most extensive bonus offerings in the whole industry. These offerings go for all types of players — new ones, repeat bettors, and crypto users. At a high level, here are the current offers available:

  • Sign-Up Bonus: 15% cash and 50% casino for up to $1600
  • Reload Bonus: Between 10 to 20% cashback
  • Refer-a-Friend Bonus: Up to $500 per referral

However, where BookMaker stands out from its competitors is in its rewards program. Yes, it has one! While loyalty programs are become rarer by the day in the online betting landscape, BookMaker bucks the trend with its own top-notch service. Let’s get into all the offerings in much more detail:

Rewards Program

We start with BookMaker’s calling card — the BetPoints Rewards program. It’s a three-tier program with the following levels (from least to highest value): Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. As you’d expect, each tier has its own unique perks, mostly in the bonuses. Here are the main differences:

  • Gold level: 10% reload bonus up to $400
  • Platinum level: 15% reload bonus up to $600
  • Diamond level: 50% reload bonus up to $800

BetPoints can be earned with eligible wagers in the sportsbook and casino. Not all bets are created equal, however, as some are worth more BetPoints than others and vice-versa. For instance, straight bets in the sportsbook are worth one point per dollar risked. Points triple to three per dollar when gambling on slot machines, however. The terms and conditions has full details about what wagers are worth what.

You might be thinking to yourself, “well, what can I even do with BetPoints?” Answer: earn cashback to your account. Here again, points have different values depending on what tier you’re in. Take 500 BetPoints, for example. That sum is worth $2.25 in cashback for Gold players, $2.50 for Platinum, and $2.75 for Diamond. The differences between each tier’s cashback becomes more apparent as the BetPoints scale up (Diamond users can hit as much as $715 in cashback).

Sign-Up Bonus

BookMaker also does its sign-up bonus slightly different than that of competitors. That’s because it mixes and matches free play for the sportsbook AND casino together — whereas most competitors have unique promos for each platform.

At BookMaker, the sports bonus is worth 15% back in free play, which maxes out at $600. The match percentage is on the lower side compared to competitors, but to balance that out, its rollover requirement is a measly 5X.

The casino bonus, however, is a 50% match that tops out at $1000. The downside is the playthrough requirement on the casino is a whopping 50X, which is certainly on the high side.

BookMaker’s sign-up bonus is perfect for bettors that enjoy both sports wagering and casino play. But this deal is much less appealing if you just want to stick to one of the betting platforms.

Crypto Bonus

Users of crypto have similar promo offers to the ones we just covered, only better. Yes, it pays to play with cryptocurrency — especially at BookMaker.

When it comes to welcome deals, BookMaker has three different ones based around crypto. They differ by match percentage and max bonus. Here’s what offers crypto players can choose from:

  • 25% cash up to $500
  • 50% cash up to $500
  • 100% cash up to $250

As for the reload bonuses, crypto offers are also tied to what reward level a player is in. The match percentages are the same as non-crypto (10%, 15%, and 25%), however, the max bonuses are significantly higher when using crypto. It tops out at $600 (Gold), $2500 (Platinum), and $5,000 (Diamond). Those figures are multiples of their non-crypto counterparts.

Refer-a-Friend Bonus

If a buddy or family member joins BookMaker via a referral link from you, you’ll earn 10% in free play based on their first-ever deposit. This tops out at $500, but then again, it would take a hefty $5000 deposit from your referral to earn that high of a bonus, so don’t suckered in by the bonus amount quite yet. There is no limit to how many people you can refer and therefore, earn bonuses from.

Racebook Rebate

BookMaker also offers a rebate program for Racebook bettors. This rebate is on total volume of wagers — not just on losses like some other betting sites offer. So win or lose your hore racing bets, you’re earning cashback from BookMaker. Here again, cashback varies by the bet type:

  • 3% back on all Win, Place and Show wagers
  • 8% back on exotic wagers



Banking at BookMaker

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BookMaker has a variety of banking options including Visa, Mastercard, Discovery Card, and a number of cryptos (including Bitcoin and Ethereum). For your convenience, they even support a multitude of foreign currencies so you can easily bet abroad. Moreover, the depositing and withdrawing process is straightforward and simple, so you can focus on finding the best odds.

Deposits Options

Starting up your account at a sportsbook with low minimums and sizable maximums is ideal to most sports bettors, and you’ll find just that at BookMaker. Here’s a quick overview of the deposit details:

  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Payment Options: Bank Wire, Bitcoin, credit card
  • Supported Currencies: USD, BTC, CAD, AUD, GBP, EUR, DKK, SEK, NOK, VEF, PAB, MXN, GTQ, DOP, CLP

The lowest minimum deposit you can find at BookMaker is $10. This amount is valid for Bitcoin and any other type of cryptocurrency; BookMaker is known to favor crypto users. Whereas the minimum deposit for credit cards ranges slightly depending on what bank you are with. Find all the available deposit options with minimums and maximums below.

Depositing Options Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit
Bitcoin $10 $50,000
Credit Card $50 $2,500
Person-to-Person $100 $500

Payouts Options

Over the years, has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted sportsbooks in the industry and in large part that is because they pay their customers when they say they will. Find the timeframes for all the payout methods below.

  • Bank Wire: 5 to 10 business days
  • Bitcoin: 24 hours
  • Check: 24 to 72 hours
  • MoneyGram: 24 to 72 hours

While there are several ways to withdraw from BookMaker, if you need your cash ASAP, you can pay a fee to have it credited within 24 hours. They are extremely dependable when it comes to paying out your winnings.

Find the betting minimums and maximums are listed below for each corresponding payout option.

Payout Options Minimum Payout Maximum Payout
Bank Draft $10,000 $20,000
Bank Wire $100 $3,000
Bitcoin $50 $10,000
Check $250 $3,000
MoneyGram $100 $350

Keep the fees in mind, as there is an extra charge between $25 and $35 for withdrawals using MoneyGram and Western Union transactions. On a steeper scale, the flat fee for bank wire withdrawals is $600.

Sportsbook Features

star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon offers a huge menu of games to bet on. NFL, MLB, NBA, International soccer — you name the sport or league and it’s likely available for betting at BookMaker. Lines are available both in pregame and live as it happens.

If you are a serious bettor, BookMaker makes it easy to wager big. Online they will accept bets up to $5,000, and over the phone, you can wager up to $20,000. They cater to sharps over recreational bettors due to the high limits offered.

In terms of types of bets offered, BookMaker has them all. They especially standout for the reasonable numbers they put up for futures.

BookMaker Site Experience

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The site offers players a user-friendly platform that runs smoothly on all devices. They focus on today’s events, what’s popular, and what games are closing soon for those who want to capitalize on some last-minute live action. Here’s an overview of the entire UX at BookMaker:

  • Betting Interface: Slightly outdated
  • Mobile Betting: Yes
  • Betting App: No
  • Live Sports Betting: Yes
  • Live Stream: No

BookMaker’s user interface is clean, simple, albeit a little outdated, but you should have no issues getting the hang of it. Unfortunately, live streaming isn’t available at BookMaker, but their wagering menu for live games is vast, and the platform is nicely divided, not just by sport, but the type of bet you want to make within the competition.

We love that you can bet big days at the racetrack (Derby, Preakness, Belmont, Breeders Cup), earlier in the week, opposed to only on race day and the casino functions just as it does online.

BookMaker Mobile is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android users. Tablet wagering is available on the iPad, Kindle, Galaxy, and Playbook to name a few.

Customer Service

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While the customer service office at BookMaker never closes, they are much more effective in answering questions over the phone than they are responding to email. Here’s how you can get in touch with a BookMaker representative quickly:

  • Service Hours: 24/7
  • Phone: 1-877-827-3978
  • Live Chat: Yes
  • Email: / /
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese

Our preferred method of contact is telephone, primarily because of the sheer number of options available. You can call BookMaker for general inquiries at 1-877-827-3978.They also have four additional support departments:

  1. Bitcoin 1-855-535-4947,
  2. sportsbook wagering 1-888-218-4629,
  3. racebook wagering 1-877-833-0813,
  4. and casino inquiries 1-877-278-4080.

Second to phoning BookMaker, if you have basic inquiries the live chat is adequate. You’re bound to get a quick and knowledgeable response from their online reps.

If email is your preferred method of contact, be advised that BookMaker may take several days to reply. They advertise the lengthy response time, and this follows true across the generic email, the racebook email, and the casino email.

You can reach out via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where they actively post odds updates for the latest sports betting news as well.

License Jurisdiction

  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Year established: 1985


BookMaker Last Updates & News

  • The “best” bonuses can be found around big-time sporting events. Think the FIFA World Cup, NFL Super Bowl, or NCAA March Madness here. Around these periods, BookMaker typically “ups the ante” on their bonus offering.
  • For the American football lovers out there, there are some great opportunities to find value in the sportsbook at the start of the NFL season. From enhanced odds to the expansive betting markets, BookMaker offers some truly excellent betting options.

*All bonus offers have different Terms & Conditions.
Visit the operator’s web site for full details.

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