Let’s get one thing straight: Fliff is not your standard sportsbook. Instead, it’s a “social” sportsbook. Some of you may be asking, “what the heck makes a sportsbook social anyway?” Well, social bookies replace real money with virtual tokens or currency. Moreover, as the name suggests, this sportsbook is more social in nature so you’re playing against friends and leaderboards — less so 1-on-1 versus a bookmaker.

The concept of a social sportsbook is relatively new, yet it’s exploded in popularity because of two things: it is widely accessible (more so than “regular” sportsbooks) and a more casual and fun experience. Fliff is one of the leaders in this space despite the company being only founded in 2019. The platform even advertises itself as the “minor league of sports betting.”

We understand the concept of a social sportsbook is murky to the majority of bettors but that’s what this Fliff review is all about. We’re going to go in-depth on the Fliff social sportsbook — how it works, why it’s legal in most U.S. states, if real money can be won, and so much more. You’re going to want to stick with us because this could be an untapped betting opportunity for you!

States Where Fliff Offers Legal Betting?

Since Fliff isn’t your ordinary sportsbook, laws around legal sports betting don’t really apply to it. Fliff skirts around these rules because no real money is being used to bet on. That loophole allows Fliff to skirt the rules and operate much more freely than traditional bookmakers.

Does this mean you can’t actually make money by playing on Fliff? Wrong! You see, Fliff can be used with two types of currency — Fliff Cash and Fliff Coins. The latter is purely play money. However, Fliff Cash can be turned back into real money. Users can insert real money into the app for either cash or coins. One real U.S. dollar is equal to one Fliff cash. So yes, it’s 100 percent possible to make real money on Fliff.

Moreover, Fliff has betting sweepstakes on-site — which is another legal loophole they exploit. Sweepstakes make betting a competition among users and whoever wins, gets a grand prize. Fliff Cash is solely used to enter sweepstakes and also to pay out winners.

By using these alternative currencies, Fliff is legal to use in almost all 50 U.S. states. The only exceptions is Washington, which doesn’t allow Fliff at all. Moreover, the states of Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, and Tennessee have limits on Fliff sweepstakes. These states have their own sweepstakes operators and don’t accept Fliff as part of that.

Now here’s the real cool part about Fliff: it’s legal for anyone 18 years old and up — not the usual 21-year-old requirement you see with regular sports betting. Suddenly, it makes sense why Fliff calls themselves the minor leagues, doesn’t it?

Fliff Features

Most betting markets you’d usually find at a sportsbook are also on Fliff. That applies to the types of bets offered (moneyline, props, spread, point goals) and sports. All the majors are covered, including:

  • NFL
  • College Football
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • MLB
  • UFC
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Motorsports

Most of the time, you’ll see carbon-copy betting lines from regular sportsbook to sportsbook. However, Fliff does have some more variance compared to these traditional bookmakers — and not necessarily always for the better. For instance, Fliff has a lot of -115 betting lines whereas other bookies stick to the usual -110 odds. Obviously, this means Fliff bettors are getting worse lines. This is a pretty big red flag for seasoned bettors that know the importance of getting the best value on their bets.

Some of that is offset by the Fliff rewards system. There are in-app activities that help users earn XP points — not to be confused with the cash and coin options we mentioned before. XP can be won by inviting friends to Fliff or completing daily changes — the usual rewards program activities. These XP points can then be converted into Fliff Cash or Fliff Coins. This site is big on handing out free currency so that’s a big pro of Fliff.

Another massive pro is the social features. Fliff truly gamifies sports betting with challenges and leaderboards. This is a sharp departure from traditional sports betting where users have zero clue how other bettors are faring. Not at Fliff, which requires users to set a username and create a customizable avatar for it. This is your identity and it’s viewable to other Fliff participants.

When it comes to Fliff, you really have to take the good with the bad. Some features are truly unique (rewards, sweepstakes, leaderboards) but others are clear exploits (over-juiced betting lines). As a user, you have to be honest about your personal preferences.

Fliff Mobile Betting

There’s just no way a unique concept like Fliff works without an excellent mobile-betting experience. Zero! One, its target market is young users, who spend more screen time on their phones than anything else. Two, the social elements are built for mobile apps. After toying with the Fliff app, it’s safe to say it delivers.

The best way to use Fliff on mobile is through its official app. It’s available for download on Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Play Store. Both have thousands upon thousands of app downloads and almost five-star reviews across the board — so it’s a group consensus that Fliff has this mobile gambling thing figured out.


Nothing negative stood out to us when diving deep into the app. The sign-up process was as smooth as butter, inserting real money to buy Fliff Cash or Coins was cake, and so was withdrawing money. As far as we can tell, the app works exactly like it’s supposed to. Plus, the design and interface are very modern. Honestly, traditionally sportsbooks could learn a thing or two from Fliff when it comes to app-building.

Fliff Promo Code

Fliff promotions are indeed a thing. At this very moment, there’s a Fliff promo that’s worth $100 in freebies. New users that spend $50 on the app, get $100 back in Fliff Coins and Cash. To unlock this deal, use promo code FLIFFBONUS when creating an account.


This is just the current deal, but don’t be surprised to find a new one down the line. Fliff is consistently experimenting with its sign-up promotional bonuses. More often than not, the social sportsbook is liberal with its freebie givings too.

Fliff Customer Service


Customer service leaves a lot to be desired at Fliff. As far as we can tell, the only way to reach support is via email. No live chat option exists and definitely no telephone number to call. Call us old school, but we would like to speak to someone 1-on-1 in real-time in case we have an issue, especially with payments.

To their credit, Fliff email service is quick to respond back. Still, we need more contact options here if Fliff wants to match the customer service of other online sportsbooks.

Top Sportsbooks

Fliff certainly isn’t for everyone. If you’re a more traditional bettor that doesn’t really care for sweepstakes or social features, you can always fall back on an offshore betting site like the ones listed below. The five you see here rated the highest in our latest sportsbook reviews so any one of ’em can scratch your sports betting itch. None of these sites have fancy gimmicks, it’s just straight no-frills gambling. See for yourself by clicking one of the “play now” buttons below.

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