The SBK Sportsbook has flown under the radar since entering the U.S. market in 2021. Heck, if you don’t live in the two states it currently operates in, then there’s a strong chance you’ve never even heard of ‘em before.

Unknown doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer a compelling product though. After trialing the mobile app for a few weeks, we came away impressed with some SBK features. Differentiation is hardly a thing in this sports betting marketplace but SBK has found some points.

We’ll get into that in this SBK review. The information we’re about to lay down is unbiased and comes straight from our own personal experience. There’s a lot to cover so let’s jump into our SBK betting reviews:

States Where SBK Sportsbook Offers Legal Betting?

SBK is owned and operated by Smarkets, which has carved out a good niche for itself in London (where it’s headquartered) and the rest of the United Kingdom. Smarkets is a betting exchange that’s been in business for over 10 years now. As the name hints, Smarkets treats sports betting more like a market. On the exchange, you’ll see public data on the percentage of bets and total volume bet — information that almost no bookmaker publicizes.

Anywho, Smarkets launched SBK in 2021, starting in Colorado. The license is born out of a partnership with local casino operator Full House Resorts. the same operator also has a presence in Indiana. No surprise, SBK Sportsbook Indiana would do lice not long after Colorado.

Colorado and Indiana remain the only states with SBK presence. Executives previously mentioned they’d use data from these two launches to improve the product and eventually push it into more U.S. states. As of right now, the latter has yet to transpire.

SBK Sportsbook Features

We teased this earlier, but SBK does things a tad differently. That’s most obvious with two of its features.

First of all, SBK might very well have the sharpest betting lines of all. The app will tell you right then and there how SBK’s price compares across the industry to major names. Users, for example, will see something like “79% of bets compared for this event best our competitor’s odds.” This feature is called Price+ and we’ve never seen anything like it. This level of transparency is unmatched industry-wide.

A big reason why SBK’s betting prices are hard to beat is because they either change no margin or very little. Margin is another word for “big” or “juice” — it’s essentially a small fee tacked on to every bet to pay the bookmaker costs.

Bettors end up winning big (literally) off this. These cheap prices ensure bettors get bigger payouts when they win. Shaving -5 or -10 odds off a bet doesn’t seem like much upfront, but this sure does add up over the long run.

SBK carries markets for all the major sports, including but not limited to:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • MLB
  • Soccer (MLS, Premier League, La Liga, International, etc.)
  • Motorsports
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Rugby

The second big thing SBK has going for it is the social features. SBK moonlights as a mini-social network beyond just taking bets. Just like a social network, users can post content or follow other users. You’ll often see bettors swap information in posts — which depending on who you follow, could either be good or bad betting advice. Again, a feature like this is largely unheard of among top bookmakers so kudos to SBK for trying to push the envelope.

SBK Sportsbook Mobile Betting

So here’s the thing: everything we covered regarding SBK applies to its mobile app only. Why? Because there is no SBK desktop experience. You either use the downloadable mobile app or you don’t access SBK at all — that’s how committed SBK is to the mobile betting experience.


This becomes apparent while toting around with the app. It works really, really well. The layout is intuitive enough to pick up right away, data is perfectly layered onto bets without overcrowding the design, and the app runs really fast. SBK has really built something special with the app.

SBK Sportsbook is available for download in both Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. We aren’t the only ones impressed by the app because there are scores of reviews on both platforms singing SBK’s praises.

SBK Sportsbook Promotions

SBK’s promo is pretty straightforward: bet at least $25 as a new player and you’ll get $100 in free play from SBK. The bet has to be made on a line of -200, but that’s a pretty nice return.

A $25 free bet is rewarded instantly. Another $25 free bet will follow a week later. The remaining $50 is split up like this — two $10 multiples and three $10 same-game parlay vouchers.


There’s no need for a SBK sportsbook promo code as this deal is automatic if $25 is wagered. We like the fact that there’s no SBK promo code to fumble around with — it’s all quick and easy.

Outside of this classic sign-up bonus, deals are pretty rare to come by at SBK. That might disappoint some bettors, but it’s the tradeoff to have no-margin bets. A sportsbook can really only offer one or the other if they want to remain profitable, and SBK chose to do away with big-money bonuses.

SBK Sportsbook Customer Service


SBK doesn’t slouch on customer service either. The bookie supports several ways to get in touch with its support staff. Here they are:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +44 207 617 7413 (open from 9 am to 12 am)
  • Twitter: @SBK
  • Facebook:

There’s also a live chat accessible to logged-in users through the app. It runs 24/7/365 and is probably your “best bet” if you need urgent help.

Top Sportsbooks

Our SBK Sportsbook review ends here, but boy, were we impressed. The issue is that SBK is inaccessible to the vast majority of bettors. Until this is resolved, you might have to bet elsewhere. If you’re looking for a site that can hang with SBK betting, then look into one of the offshore bookies below. These also rated high in our latest sportsbook reviews and because they’re offshore, they are widely accessible, unlike SBK.