Better Call Saul Betting Picks: Will Kim Wexler Survive?

  • BetOnline offers a number of Better Call Saul props with the hit TV series set to return
  • Will Kim Wexler and “Lalo” Salamanca bite the dust, and which popular Breaking Bad characters will show up on screen first?
  • The final six episodes of the hit AMC series is set to premiere on July 11

The fate of Kim Wexler is the ultimate burning question among Better Call Saul fans heading into the final six episodes of the popular AMC series. Portrayed by actress Rhea Seehorn, Kim is not part of the Breaking Bad universe despite being the love interest of Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman. This has led many viewers to fear the worst is in store for the beloved TV character.

Before we check the odds on Kim Wexler’s possible killer and other Better Call Saul-related wagers, here’s where you can view the top betting sites for Entertainment in 2022 with wagering tips on who might be the next James Bond.

Kim Wexler’s Killer

Lalo Salamanca-115
Any Other Character+200
Salamanca Twins+300
Gus Fring+350
Don Eladio+1000
Mike Ehrmantraut+1000

Lalo Salamanca leads the way

The midseason finale of Better Call Saul ended with “Lalo” Salamanca (-115) holding Jimmy and Kim at gunpoint, so it makes perfect sense that he’s the favorite to off Kim. However, it’s unlikely the show would kill off a main character before the final few episodes. Oddsmakers tend to agree, listing Kim as more likely die in episodes 11-13 (-220) than episodes 8-10 (+140).

Odds on Kim’s murderer are also available on the Salamanca Twins (+300), Gus Fring (+350), old Mike Ehrmantraut (+1000) and others. While your best bet is probably the Chicken Man, we ultimately believe Mrs. Wexler will survive.

Breaking Bad characters return

As you’ve probably heard, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will reprise their Breaking Bad roles this season. Therefore, BetOnline is offering props on who will be seen first out of Walter White (+200) and Jesse Pinkman (-300). You can also wager on whether Walter’s brother-in-law Hank Schrader (-200) or psychotic drug kingpin Tuco Salamanca (+200) shows up on screen first.

Lala SalamancaKim Wexler's Killer
Bet now
Gus FringKim Wexler's Killer
Bet now

More Better Call Saul bets

Like Kim Wexler, “Lalo” Salamanca is not seen nor mentioned in Breaking Bad. Unlike Kim, this almost certainly means that Hector Salamanca’s nephew is toast in the final six episodes of Better Call Saul.

Before the second-half of Season 6 begins on Monday, you can bet on when Lalo will perish — Episodes 8-10 (+140) or Episodes 11-13 (-180) — or whether the murderous Mexican cartel member dies before (+350) or after (-600) entering Gus Fring’s underground drug lab. If you think he makes it, there’s an over/under on the number of security guards (4.5) Lalo murders in the laundromat.

BetOnline is also offering wagers on who will see Lalo first, Gus (-110) or Mike (-130), and on whether the Los Pollos Hermanos owner murders Tony Dalton’s character himself (Yes at -110, No at -130).

Be sure to check the site for all of these fun Better Call Saul bets and more before one of the greatest shows in television history wraps up this summer.

Lalo killed by GusYES
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