Knives Out sequel ‘Glass Onion’ Picks – Who’s the Killer?

  • BetOnline allows you to wager on the murderer in the new Knives Out sequel Glass Onion
  • Oddsmakers tab Ed Norton’s character Miles Braun (+250) as the probable killer
  • Glass Onion will be released to all major theater chains for one-week starting on Nov. 23 before streaming on Netflix on Dec. 23

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery will be in theatres later this month before moving to Netflix for the holidays. The sequel to the hit 2019 whodunit features a fresh story and an all new cast aside from Daniel Craig, who reprises his role as a Southern detective.

Before we review the all-new cast of potential murderers and pick the movie’s killer, check out the top betting sites for Entertainment in 2022 with predictions on who will be Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend.

Glass Onion Murderer Odds

Character (actor)BetOnline Review
Miles Braun (Edward Norton)+250
Cassandra 'Andi' Brand (Janelle Monae)+450
Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig)+600
Duke Cody (Dave Bautista)+600
Lionel Toussaint (Leslie Odom Jr.)+650
Claire Debella (Kathryn Han)+700
Birdie Jay (Kate Hudson)+750
Peg (Jessica Henwick)+900
Whiskey (Madeleine Clyne)+1000

Meet the new cast

Ed Norton’s character Miles Braun (+250) is favored to be the murderer in Glass Onion. The veteran actor plays a tech billionaire who invites a few of his college friends and Daniel Craig’s Detective Benoit Blanc (+600) to his private island. Others in the ensemble include:

Janelle Monáe, who plays Miles Braun’s ex-business partner Cassandra Brand (+450). Kate Hudson as former model Birdie Jay (+750) and her assistant Peg (+900) as portrayed by Jessica Henwick. Dave Bautista as Twitch influencer Duke Cody (+600) and Madeleine Clyne as his lady-friend Whiskey (+1000). Leslie Odom Jr. plays the scientist Lionel Toussaint (+650) and Kathryn Hahn is a governor and Senate candidate named Claire Debella (+700).

Ruling out Daniel Craig

Let’s start with who the killer won’t be – Benoit Blanc (+600). Following the success of the original Knives Out, Netflix paid the film’s director Rian Johnson $400 million for two sequels. When developing the new film, Johnson told Entertainment Weekly, “If Daniel and I are going to keep making these, we don’t want to just spin our wheels.”

He added, “Benoit Blanc is the constant North Star of all of these movies. But you have to think of him as the detective, not as the central character. The story has to function in terms of the suspects, the murder, and the victim.” Both quotes suggest that Daniel Craig is essential to the franchise and will be back for the third installment.

Miles BraunGlass Onion Murderer
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Benoit BlancGlass Onion Murderer
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Who’s the murderer?

One can surmise from the trailer above that Ed Norton’s character invites his friends to his pad for a fun murder mystery weekend before the lights go off and someone dies for the real. Oddsmakers have Miles Braun (+250) as the favorite, and they could certainly know something as a number of critics have already watched the movie. However, why would the tech billionaire invite his pals over just to kill one of them?

Plus, five of the nine main characters in Glass Onion are women. Given the murderer in Knives Out was a man, there’s a good chance a female is the killer in the sequel. It’s only fair, right ladies?

Best bet

Based entirely on nothing, we’re going with Birdie Jay as the murderer at +750. While it can certainly be Cassandra ‘Andi’ Brand (Janelle Monae) at +450 as well, we like rom-com vet Kate Hudson as the killer.

Birdie JayGlass Onion Murderer
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