Kurt Busch Leads 2022 NASCAR Betting Future Longshots

NASCAR started with the Clash At The Colosseum this weekend. However, the points race starts with the Daytona 500 and that takes place less than two weeks from now. 2022 will be different with practice base qualifying and the next-gen cars. In this article, we’re making more expert betting predictions for the 2022 NASCAR Futures. The spotlight is on the long shots who could surprise or perhaps even take home the crown.

So, the top online sportsbooks have futures odds available right now on who could win the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series. Below, are numbers for some of the drivers who have potential of making the 16-team playoff and a deep run as well to glory.

Kurt Busch Leads NASCAR Betting Future Long Shots

One of the intriguing aspects of the 2021 season was trying to see if the #1 would make the chase. Simply, Busch”s #1 car for Chip Ganassi Racing was far from the best car. Quite a few pundits doubted the elder Busch could get in. However, he found a way at Atlanta to win. That extended his seasons with a win streak to eight and put him in “The Chase”. There is not much to dispute that Kurt Busch leads NASCAR betting future long shots for good reason.

There are 36 events as usual in 2022 and what Kurt Busch showed last year was his ability to keep fighting no matter how stacked things were against the driver. Even with a car that probably was not a top-20 drive, the older Busch found a way to rack up 14 top-ten results, several top-five’s, and yes that win in the summer.

The 2022 season has Busch now driving for 23XI Racing. He will be the second car to Bubba Wallace and the Toyota Camry will be sponsored by Monster Energy. A new drive may be just what the doctor ordered for Busch as he seemed to grow frustrated often last season as his car seemed to fail him more often than not. Arguably, the Camry just has more speed than the Chip Ganassi drive he had in 2021. Busch will have 45 as his new number.

Busch will make the playoffs in 2022 barring something quite unforeseen. The belief is that he will drive like a man possessed once more. Energy jokes aside, the #45 does again represent a step up and a commitment that should fuel Busch. Finally, qualifying should help as well. There is no secret that no practices impacted several drivers including the elder Busch in 2021.

2022 NASCAR Betting Long Shot Futures Picks

Once more, we’re making 2022 NASCAR long shot futures picks — not one, but two. Why? That is simple. There is money to be made by placing multiple wagers. One can at least hedge a little bit with the eyes on a couple other drivers who could crash the party. Always practice risk management when making other bets like futures.

After all, these are going to be smaller wagers with extra long odds. For example, Kurt Busch is +2800 currently to win the NASCAR title (he last won in 2004). The chances he winds up in the top-10 come the playoffs is shorter. But…

Kurt Busch’s 2022 NASCAR Outlook

No driver has quite a track record like Kurt Busch. He has finished 14th or better in 12 of the last 13 seasons. So history is certainly somewhat on his side for at the very least making the playoffs. After all, like we said above, he wins races. Winning just one race and being around the top-20 gets you in the playoff chase. Anything can happen after that. Every so often, Busch has gotten into the top-eight three times over the past decade.

So, team structure is important. Look at how Hendrick Motorsports carries business or Joe Gibbs Racing. The goal of 23XI Racing is to come as close to that level as possible. Bringing in an experienced driver like Kurt Busch helps the brand but arguably the driver also.

This will be a boost to Bubba Wallace who won his first race at Talladega last year. Again, a rejuvenated Kurt Busch is the more dangerous yet intriguing racer going into 2022. Look out NASCAR!

Kurt Buschto win the 2022 NASCAR Series Championship
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Chances for Christopher Bell

Being as Kurt Busch was our best pick for this long shot NASCAR wager, it seemed we should take the young driver from the second best team last year in NASCAR. Christopher Bell led the way among younger drivers with a seven top-five results. He was so close to winning several races last season. Bell settled for one win and 16 top-ten’s in his 36 appearances. The #20 car made the playoff chase but wound up 12th after getting eliminated in Round 2.

The next-gen car could be a boon for a racer like Christopher Bell. It is believed that the car will level the playing field somewhat. Also, Bell showed he can drive well on road courses, short tracks, and even super speedways. Just ask Kyle Larson how often Bell was close to victory and contention.

If one is looking for a nice hedge bet then Christopher Bell is the one to take for the 2022 NASCAR Futures. His numbers will shorten some as 2022 goes on.

Christopher Bellto win the 2022 NASCAR Series Championship
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How To Bet On These NASCAR Betting Futures?

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