Dow Jones, NASDAQ and NYSE to increase by year’s end

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End of year Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is a stock market index that tracks the performance of 30 large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States. As of May 18th, 2023, the DJIA is trading at around $33,300.

End of Year Dow JonesBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Over $36000.5-120-120-120
Under $36000.5-120-120-120

The price on the over/under is set at -120 on each side so it doesn’t provide much value to choose one or the other. The odds are identical.

To get a better feel for this market, we will need to do some additional research to project how the US economy will perform.

Setting the number at $36,000.50 seems to indicate oddsmakers believe the economy will improve.

Several factors could affect the DJIA’s performance by year’s end. The global economy, inflation, interest rates, and the war in Ukraine are all factors that could swing the price either way.

Analysts are divided on how they think the market will perform, some were forecasting the DJIA to reach $38,000 while others were forecasting $34,000.

I’m going to be bold and believe that the economy continues to improve. I would recommend betting on over $36.000.50 for the Dow Jones to close at year-end at -120 at Betonline.

Over $36,500.50Dow Jones end of year price
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End of year NASDAQ

As of May 18th, 2023, the NASDAQ is trading at around $12,600. Similarly to the DJIA, the NASDAQ is a global exchange that’s known for its focus on tech stocks and is home to some of the world’s largest tech companies, such as Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon.

End of Year NASDAQBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Over $14500.5+100+100+100
Under $14500.5-140-140-140

Several factors could affect the stock market between now and the end of the year. According to a recent survey, many analysts are projecting a gain of about 10% that could reach a number as high as $15,000.

Others are more skeptical, expecting it to decline to around $14,000. It appears that the oddsmakers are on the skeptical end as they expect it to be less than $14,500.

They’ve priced it at -140 to go under the $14,500 and +100 odds to be over $14,500.

The one thing we are underestimating is the development of AI and how it can help the economy. I am bullish on it helping our economy and making things much more efficient.

I would recommend betting over $14,500.50 for +100 odds at BetOnline.

Over $14,500.50NASDAQ end of year price
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End of year NYSE

It’s difficult to project what the NYSE will close by year’s end. Similarly to the NASDAQ and Dow Jones, some factors will influence the market’s performance.

If the global economy continues to grow, it could boost corporate earnings and support stock prices. However, if it slows down, it could weigh on corporate earnings and hurt stock prices.

The same factors are at play when it comes to inflation and the war in Ukraine. It appears that oddsmakers aren’t very optimistic about the NYSE closing at more than $18,500.50.

End of Year NYSEBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Over $18500.5+100+100+100
Under $18500.5-140-140-140

The NYSE is trading at around $15,230 on May 18th. To reach the number of $18,500.50 would represent an increase of over $3000 or 16%!

Oddsmakers have set the over $18,500.50 at -140 indicating they are expecting the NYSE to finish below that number around 58% of the time.

I do not agree with them on this one and would recommend betting the over which is priced at +100 odds as well.

I find it difficult to believe NASDAQ and Dow Jones would increase like I’m projecting but the NYSE wouldn’t.

Over $18,500.50NYSE end of year price
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