Oil costs rise while Endeavor stock and Dodgecoin fall

When scouring sportsbooks, it’s essential to examine the available options thoroughly. You may be surprised to discover that there are unique financial markets that you can place bets on.

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For instance, at BetOnline.com, you can wager on the price of stock shares and even predict when Elon Musk will sell Twitter. Now, let’s explore some of the distinctive gambling options you can explore.

Let’s take a look at some of the more unique options you can gamble on.

Endeavor (EDR)

We can place bets on the stock price of a prominent sports, media, and entertainment giant. The price per share is designated with an over/under value of $23.50. The odds for the Over and the Under options are currently set at -120.

Endeavor Share Price July 31st at CloseBetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review
Over $23.5-120-120-120
Under $23.5-120-120-120

The stock has increased 2% in the last month to around $23.17 as of July 6th.

This could be due to the latest sale of IMG Academy to BPEA EQT in an all-cash deal valued at about $1.25 billion.

Despite this latest infusion of cash, there could be problems on the horizon for Endeavor. They still haven’t agreed to deal with the Writers Guild of America to get them back to work.

Even worse there are rumors of an impending actor’s strike as well.

How many jobs do they think AI can replace? I would recommend betting on the Under $23.50 option for Endeavor.

Under $23.50Price of Endeavor Stock
Bet now


Apart from its entertainment value, the most significant asset of Dogecoin is its community.

The self-mocking nature of Dogecoin appeals to its enthusiasts. However, many crypto investors steer clear of Dogecoin for fundamental reasons or invest only nominal amounts.

Given that Dogecoin lacks substantial intrinsic value, its worth largely depends on its popularity. While this may lead to thrilling short-term gains, it is not a reliable strategy for long-term investment success.

Dogecoin’s popularity has probably reached its peak, with the emergence of a new trendy cryptocurrency poised to captivate our attention.

End of year Dogecoin priceBetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review
Under 7 cents-120-120-120
Over 7 cents-110-110-110

Under 7 centsEnd of year Dogecoin price
Bet now

There are several different websites available for you to wager with, you can even choose to use the newest form of funds transfer, cryptocurrency. We have a list of theΒ best betting sites that accept cryptocurrencyΒ as a payment method.

Oil Price (Barrel)

I’ve come across another intriguing market that should capture everyone’s interest: the price of a barrel of oil. Interestingly, oddsmakers are a bit uncertain about this one.

The odds for choosing “Over” or “Under” $73.50 appear to be the same. This situation bears a resemblance to the Endeavor stock price mentioned earlier.

Oil Price (Barrel) July 31st at CloseBetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review
Over $73.50-120-120-120
Under $73.50-120-120-120

Considering this wager, it’s worth contemplating how much people will rely on gas and oil during the summer. While more road trips are typically taken in these months, fewer individuals use oil to heat their homes during the summer.

This particular market closes at the end of July, and I anticipate an increase in the price. Given the consistent year-after-year price hikes, it would be surprising to see oil prices suddenly drop.

The oddsmakers have assigned even odds to both sides of this market. Nonetheless, their oversight could work in your favor, presenting an opportunity for gain.

If the oil supply is threatened, an increase is more than likely.

Over $73.50Oil Price (Barrel)
Bet now

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