How to Bet on Major League Baseball

Most novice bettors avoid the MLB season because baseball is not as popular as the NFL, and their system, they think, won’t give them the chance to make a good profit. But the truth is they couldn’t be more wrong on this.

Take a look at these three tips for the MLB season; bet on baseball and let me know how you did.

1. Starting Pitching is very Important: you know baseball managers have all kind of stats, so you have to be sure to have all the pitchers’ info you need before making your picks. Compare the record of each pitcher, but most important the ERA of each and the ERA against the best hitter of the opponent teams.

I know it may sound like a lot, but you have to do your homework in order to increase your chances to win. Also, keep in mind how pitchers perform in day and night games.

Last but not least, take into consideration the bullpen as well; the closers can lose you the game or just even screw your bet if you don’t take them seriously.

How to Bet on Major League Baseball2. The Unit System: Many bettors use a unit system based on how good the team is. For instance, they assign 4 units to the Braves losing to the Phillies and 2 units to the White Sox beating the Yankees. If you have a $5,000 bankroll, in order to determine the value of each unit divide $5,000 by 100 units = $50 per unit. What they do is bet $200 (4 units x $50) on the Phillies beating the Braves and $100 (2 units x $50) on the White Sox beating the Yankees. Simple Math.

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