MLB Odds – Dombrowski Firing Opens GM Carousel

Getting “let go” is never supposed to be good news, but the Detroit Tigers’ decision to hand GM Dave Dombrowski his walking papers couldn’t have come at a better time. A man with 28 years of general managing experience, Dombrowski gets to sit at the front of the unemployment line in an offseason market that will seeΒ teams begging for his services.

How high will the demand be? USA Today is referring to Dombrowski as one of this year’s most coveted free-agents, and that class will include guys like David Price, so … yeah.

It’s no surprise teams are lining up for a man who’s been in the league since 1978, but is only at the spry young age of 59. Dombrowski’s accomplishments include winning a World Series in Florida and turning the Tigers from laughing stock to perennial playoff team. The Red Sox and Blue Jays willΒ both be looking for a team president after this season, while the Angels don’t currently have anybody in the GM position after Jerry Dipoto’s resignation. And, of course, more jobs will likely open up.

Yes, it’s unlikely that Dombrowski is the only GM who will find himself with a new, or no team next year. Ruben Amarao Jr.’s bumpy ride in Philly seems destined to come to an end, while another disappointing year in Seattle could meanΒ Jack Zduriencik is out. An amazing trade deadline appears to have saved Alex Anthopoulos in Toronto, although if this team goes south now, someone will have to pay (no pressure John Gibbons).

Down in Milwaukee, Doug Melvin is expected to stay with the organization, but transition into a new role. There’s even a slight possibility of the White Sox rolling out the red carpet for Dombrowski to return to his hometown.

All told, this offseason will have more than a few front office changes to keep track of. And once again, we have odds for all the moving pieces.

MLB Offseason Odds:

Which General Manager will be fired next?

  • Ruben Amaro Jr. (Philadelphia Phillies) – 1/1
  • Jack Zduriencik (Seattle Mariners) – 5/3
  • Rick Hahn (Chicago White Sox) – 10/1
  • Chris Antonetti (Cleveland Indians) – 25/1
  • Field – 50/1

Which team will hireΒ DaveΒ Dombrowski?

  • Toronto Blue Jays – 13/4
  • Boston Red Sox – 7/2
  • Milwaukee Brewers – 6/1
  • Los Angeles Angels – 13/2
  • Chicago White Sox – 9/1
  • Seattle Mariners – 11/1
  • Field – 8/1

Which role will Dombrowski find himself in?

  • President – 5/7
  • General Manager – 5/3
  • Neither – 19/1

Which Manager will be fired next?

  • Lloyd McClendon (Seattle Mariners)Β – 3/2
  • Bryan Price (Cincinnati Reds) – 7/3
  • Robin Ventura (Chicago White Sox) – 5/1
  • John Farrell (Boston Red Sox) – 15/1
  • John Gibbons (Toronto Blue Jays) – 28/1
  • Field – 18/1

(Photo Credit: Roger DeWitt (IMG_1903 Dave Dombrowski) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)


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