MLB Predictions – Cubs vs. Chi-Sox

In 2014, the Windy City’s two venerated franchises – the Cubs and White Sox – finished with identical(ly terrible) 73-89 records. The Cubs brought up the rear in the NL Central, while the White Sox were saved the same fate in the AL Central by the even more futile Twins.

Heading into 2015, though, things are looking up on both sides of town.

The Cubs feature a decent starting rotation led by veteran Jon Lester plus a ton of big, young bats. (Much-hyped rookie Kris Bryant is going to start the year in AAA, but most believe that’s not due to his play; according to ESPN, if Bryant spends 12 or more days in the minors, the team can delay his free agent eligibility by a year. If you’re curious, April 17th is the 12th day of the season for the Cubbies.)

The White Sox, meanwhile, will be led by Cy Young hopeful Chris Sale and possibly the biggest bat in the AL, Jose Abreu.

There’s little doubt that both squads should be better than last year, but how big a jump can we really expect? We set out some numbers, below:

2015 Cubs and White Sox Odds:

Over/under on wins:

  • Cubs: 80.5
  • White Sox: 81.5

Odds to win the NL Central:

  • Cardinals: 1/1
  • Pirates: 2/1
  • Cubs: 5/1
  • Brewers: 12/1
  • Reds: 12/1

Odds to win the AL Central:

  • Indians: 3/2
  • Tigers: 2/1
  • White Sox: 4/1
  • Royals: 11/2
  • Twins: 30/1

Odds for Kris Bryant’s MLB debut date:

  • Before April 18th, 2015: 2/1
  • On or after April 18th, 2015: 1/2

Over/under for home runs by Kris Bryant:

  • 22.5

Over/under for home runs by Jose Abreu:

  • 34

Odds on the Cubs winning …

  • the NL Wild Card: 5/1
  • the NL Division Series: 4/1
  • the NL Championship Series: 8/1
  • the World Series: 16/1

Odds on the White Sox winning …

  • the AL Wild Card: 5/1
  • the AL Divisional Series:7/2
  • the AL Championship Series: 15/2
  • the World Series: 15/1

Over/under on attendance for the 2015 season:

  • Cubs: 3 million
  • White Sox: 2.05 million


(Photo credit: EricEnfermero (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons. Photo has been cropped.)

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