MLB World Series Odds Update After First 15 Games

  • BetOnline has updated 2019 World Series odds for all 30 Major League Baseball clubs
  • The Houston Astros are now favored to win the World Series (+600)
  • Odds have surged for the Brewers (+1200), Mariners (+2500), Mets (+1600) and Rays (+2000) since Opening Day

The Major League Baseball season is often described as “a marathon, not a sprint,” but that’s almost under-selling the 162-game slog. At the very least, the campaign is one of those ultra-marathons where dudes lose toes from hypothermia and die of dehydration.

Now that we’re just about a month into the season, let’s look at BetOnline to see what teams’ odds have improved and declined the most.

2019 World Series Odds

Teams 2019 World Series Odds at BetOnline
Houston Astros +600
Los Angeles Dodgers +700
New York Yankees +700
Boston Red Sox +1000
Philadelphia Phillies +1000
Milwaukee Brewers +1200
Cleveland Indians +1400
New York Mets +1600
St. Louis Cardinals +1600
Atlanta Braves +2000
Chicago Cubs +2000
Tampa Bay Rays +2000
Washington Nationals +2000
Seattle Mariners +2500
Minnesota Twins +3300
Oakland Athletics +3300
San Diego Padres +3300
Los Angeles Angels +4000
Colorado Rockies +5000
Arizona Diamondbacks +6600
Pittsburgh Pirates +6600
Chicago White Sox +10000
Cincinnati Reds +10000
Detroit Tigers +10000
Kansas City Royals +20000
San Francisco Giants +20000
Toronto Blue Jays +25000
Baltimore Orioles +15000
Texas Rangers +15000
Miami Marlins +50000

*Odds taken on 04/14/19

Rising: Seattle Mariners (+2500)

Since the season began, no club’s odds have improved as much as the Mariners. Once given a 100-1 shot to win the World Series, Seattle is all the way down to 25-1 after swatting a home run in 18 straight games (and counting) to start the season – a new MLB record.

As noted by, entering Sunday, Seattle leads the league in runs (124), hits (174), home runs (38), RBI (122), batting average (.284, T-1 with Houston) and slugging percentage (.537). Will the rebuilding Mariners end their 17-season playoff drought?

Despite sitting a few games back of Seattle in the AL West, the 2017 champion Astros are the current World Series favorites at +600.

Falling: Chicago Cubs (+2000)

The Cubs’ odds are down from 12-1 in the preseason to 20-1. Sitting at only five wins, Chicago is proving PECOTA right after Baseball Prospectus’ projection system forecasted the Cubbies to finish last in the NL Central.

Following a controversial loss to the Angels on Saturday, manager Joe Maddon suggested that check swing calls be taken away from umpires. However, after leading the Cubs to the 2016 World Series title, it’s increasingly looking like his job will be taken away from him.

Worth Keeping An Eye On: Brewers (+1200), Mets (+1600) and Rays (+2000)

After recommending Milwaukee as a good value at 18-1 before the season, my oversized ego obligates me to point out that the NL Central leading Brewers now sit at 12-1 to win the World Series as reigning NL MVP Christian Yelich continues to amaze with elite production: .377 batting average with five homers and a 1.213 OPS.

While the Phillies signing of Bryce Harper stole the offseason headlines, it is the Mets and social media smack-talker Noah Syndergaard who own the best record in the NL East. New York is now at 16-1 after starting the year at +2000.

With a record of 12-4, Tampa Bay is the only team in the much-hyped AL East with a better than .500 record; which makes me proud to report that I heavily endorsed the Rays 84.5 Win Total as an OVER, and sad to say that I didn’t recommend Tampa at 8-1 to win the division. (My head forever hangs in shame).

The Rays might be one of the least valuable franchises in Major League Baseball, but they are poised to make a lot of money for any bettors who showed faith back in March.

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