MLB Odds – 2015 World Series Futures

AngelsTroutTallThe 2015 Major League Baseball campaign is barely a month old and already there’s seemingly been a season’s worth of drama. All of the goings-on – both on and off the field – have had a substantial impact on the 2015 World Series futures.

Off to a sluggish start, the L.A. Angels – once 11/1 favorites to emerge from the A.L. and take the Commissioner’s Trophy – have fallen all the way to 18/1. Now that the troubled Josh Hamilton drama is coming to a close, it remains to be seen whether the squad can return to the form that saw them go an American League-best 98-64 last year.

As far as hot starts are concerned, the Detroit Tigers have silenced all critics by systematically decimating the Central Division, while the Kansas City Royals are showing they weren’t a one-hit wonder. (Not only are the World Series runners-up hot on the heels of the Tigers, but they’re proving to be just as adept with the left-hook as the long-ball.)

And then there’s the New York Mets, who apparently didn’t get the memo before the season that they were still the Mets. Behind the powerful arm of veteran Bartolo Colon and the tremendous comeback story that is Matt Harvey, the team just keeps on winning and have catapulted up to 14/1 in the odds.

Granted, all of the above storylines can change in a moment’s notice. But here’s a look at the current odds for all 30 teams to win the 2015 World Series, followed by the pre-season odds.

Current 2015 World Series Futures:

Detroit Tigers: 6/1

Los Angeles Dodgers: 7/1

Washington Nationals: 8/1

St. Louis Cardinals: 12/1

New York Mets: 14/1

Chicago Cubs: 16/1

Kansas City Royals: 16/1

Boston Red Sox: 16/1

San Diego Padres: 16/1

Los Angeles Angels: 18/1

Seattle Mariners: 18/1

New York Yankees: 22/1

Pittsburgh Pirates: 25/1

Baltimore Orioles: 28/1

Oakland Athletics: 30/1

Chicago White Sox: 30/1

Toronto Blue Jays: 33/1

Cleveland Indians: 35/1

Houston Astros: 40/1

San Francisco Giants: 40/1

Tampa Bay Rays: 45/1

Miami Marlins: 65/1

Atlanta Braves: 75/1

Colorado Rockies: 80/1

Cincinnati Reds: 85/1

Arizona Diamondbacks: 150/1

Milwaukee Brewers: 175/1

Texas Rangers: 175/1

Minnesota Twins: 250/1

Philadelphia Phillies: 300/1

Preseason 2015 World Series Futures:

Washington Nationals: 4/1

Los Angeles Dodgers: 7/1

Los Angeles Angels: 11/1

Boston Red Sox: 13/1

Chicago Cubs: 14/1

St. Louis Cardinals: 14/1

Seattle Mariners: 15/1

San Francisco Giants: 16/1

Chicago White Sox: 18/1

San Diego Padres: 20/1

Detroit Tigers: 22/1

Pittsburgh Pirates: 25/1

Cleveland Indians: 26/1

Baltimore Orioles: 28/1

New York Mets: 28/1

Toronto Blue Jays: 28/1

New York Yankees: 30/1

Kansas City Royals: 35/1

Miami Marlins: 38/1

Oakland Athletics: 40/1

Tampa Bay Rays: 45/1

Texas Rangers: 45/1

Houston Astros: 60/1

Cincinnati Reds: 70/1

Milwaukee Brewers 70/1

Atlanta Braves: 100/1

Minnesota Twins: 120/1

Arizona Diamondbacks: 125/1

Colorado Rockies: 125/1

Philadelphia Phillies: 275/1

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