New Research Shows Georgia Sports Betting Could Generate Millions

With Georgia sports betting still being in limbo, people are hoping that the new legislative session and members of the senate meeting could finally get a new bill on the table for people to vote on. Should that happen, there’s no doubt in everyone’s mind that it’d be a booming success. With that said, new research shows Georgia sports betting could generate millions every year. This is a surprise to no one, as Georgia has such a massive sports market.

According to a report, the new research shows that Georgia could be flirting with around $600 million per year worth in revenue once it launches sports betting. However, there’s no timeline for when sports betting would make it to the Peach State, which has people up in arms – still. However, similar to states like Oklahoma, there’s hope that things might be able to move in the right direction sooner than later.

We very well could end up seeing Georgia make a positive turn in 2023. Again, though, that’s going to depend on whether or not a new bill not only gets approved by the legislators, but also if people vote in the sports betting. It’s largely expected that if the right kind of bill gets presented and approved, that the voters won’t hesitate to move forward with betting for the state. They’ve wanted this for so long.

If this research is even close to what could come, then the Georgia lawmakers should rush to get something on the table as soon as possible. This is a monstrous opportunity for not only people in the state, but all of the people that would benefit from it as well. There are resources in dire need of extra money. Using funds from sports betting has proven to be great in other states and the same can be said for Georgia – if things do cross over that is.

All eyes are on Governor Brian Kemp to step up for sports betting

It goes without saying, but all eyes are on Governor Brian Kemp to step up for sports betting down the road. As soon as news broke that he was reelected and beat out Stacey Abrams, a lot of people began to worry about the future of betting for Georgia. Abrams had put together a solid plan to get betting to the state, and she had gained a lot of support for it. She had become quite popular among the voters.

Unfortunately for Abrams, she wasn’t able to be elected, which felt like it was going to be a step back for the sports betting efforts. Kemp has never been a huge proponent of sports betting, but the general feeling is that he could be open to changing his tune a bit for the better interest of the state. While Kemp may not be all in for sports betting, he’s got to see the benefits that it would provide.

“The governor’s position remains as it has always been,” a spokesman for Kemp told The Center Square. “In order for sports betting to be made legal in Georgia, it will require a constitutional amendment that will have to be voted on both by the Legislature and the very voters of the state. Ultimately, this issue is in their hands.”

That quote from Kemp’s spokesman doesn’t provide a whole ton of confidence in his desire to go the extra mile for sports betting. That’s a bit disappointing, but you never know what might end up happening here. If Kemp does realize what sports betting could do for people in Georgia, then maybe he will end up going that extra mile to help out the efforts. That’s also a big-time wait and see.

Atlanta Falcons betting would be massive in Georgia

When it comes to football action, there’s no question that Atlanta Falcons betting would be massive in Georgia. People would rush to check the NFL betting odds and place money down on their favorite squad. Falcons fans remain heartbroken over blowing the 28-3 lead to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl not too long ago, but this team has a ton of exciting young pieces.

There’s always going to be strong interest in the Falcons, while the college football betting is also going to be high as well. With the Georgia Bulldogs, they always have high NCAAF betting odds and this year is no different. Georgia is well on its way to potentially winning another National Championship Game, as they won it all last year going up against Alabama with the title on the line.

Let’s not forget about the NBA or MLB either, as the Atlanta Hawks have a ton of support and the exact same can be said for the Atlanta Braves as well. All in all, millions of people love the Georgia sports teams, both at the professional and college level. It only makes sense for sports betting to be an option for so many folks. We’ll see if 2023 brings good news for those betting proponents out there.


Chris Boline

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