Favored Liberty set to lockdown lowly Mercury

  • What: Phoenix Mercury vs. New York Liberty
  • When: Wednesday, July 5th
  • Where: Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY

In the high-stakes world of WNBA showdowns, it’s a no-brainer that the New York Liberty has gained a reputation for their on-court prowess. Their upcoming clash with the Phoenix Mercury has sports enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation and for a good reason.

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Game Preview

Let’s take a look at the money line odds for this matchup.

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The Liberty, currently favored at -1800 on the money line, have the stats to back up their favored status. It’s not just about the numbers, though. The Liberty have repeatedly demonstrated this season that they are a force to be reckoned with.

They have that killer combo of raw talent and strategic gameplay that makes them a threat on the court every time they lace up. Let’s take a closer look at the data.

In the Liberty’s recent games, they’ve been on a roll, executing plays with precision and showcasing a level of teamwork that’s hard to match.

On the other hand, the Mercury have had their share of struggles, and it’s hard to see them turning the tide against the Liberty, especially given the stark contrast in their current form.

Oddsmakers are indicating that the Liberty are a near lock to win this game at -1800 odds. The implied probability of a -1800 favorite winning is 94%. The Liberty are likely to win this game.

However, there is little value in playing a -1800 money line.

New York LibertyTO WIN GAME
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On the flip side, let’s look at the Phoenix Mercury and examine their chances in this game. Oddsmakers priced them at +950 to win this game. The implied probability of those odds is 9%.

The Mercury have the worst record in the league, at 3-12, they’ve lost 8 out of their last 10. They are struggling lately, making their underdog price of +950 on the money line understandable.

I would advise against betting on the Mercury to pull the upset in this game.

Phoenix MercuryTO WIN GAME
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Total Points

Now, let’s talk betting. If you want to place a wager on this game, the under on total points set at 164.5 at -110 odds is the smart move.

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Over 164.5 Points-110-110-110
Under 164.5 Points-110-110-110

It’s a low bar considering the Liberty’s offensive capabilities. But remember, the Liberty also has a robust defense that could keep the Mercury’s score relatively low, reinforcing the under bet.

However, it’s important to remember that there are no certainties in sports. So, while the Liberty are highly favored, and the under seems like a solid bet, the unpredictability factor always looms large in any game.

This element of surprise keeps us on our toes and makes every game worth watching. But let’s not kid ourselves. The Liberty’s recent performances have been nothing short of spectacular, and it’s hard to see this game going any other way.

The Mercury must bring their A-game and then some to stand a chance. It’s all about the stats, the form, and the momentum, all of which are currently favoring the Liberty.

Of course, the Mercury are no pushovers, and they’ll undoubtedly put up a fight. But as things stand, the Liberty are set to continue their winning streak in this upcoming clash.

So, for those looking to place a bet, the Liberty and the Under seem like solid picks.

And for those of you just looking to enjoy the game, prepare for a showcase of skill and strategy from the Liberty. Either way, we’re in for a treat.

Under 164.5 PointsPhoenix Mercury vs New York Liberty
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