Now is the time to back Ferrari in Constructors Championship w/o Red Bull

With the domination of Max Verstappen and Red Bull in Formula 1 this season, finding a competitive betting market has proven to be hard work. But thanks to a combination of improved performances and car upgrades, the betting to win the Constructors Championship w/o Red Bull market has come to life. Here we take a closer look at it and name our selection to win in our latest F1 betting picks.

  • There have been 10 Formula 1 races held so far in 2023, with all races won by the Red Bull team
  • The domination of the Red Bulls, and in particular Max Verstappen, has seen them open up a gap of over 200 points in the Constructors Championship
  • In the betting to win the Constructors Championship w/o Red Bull, it’s a three-way battle between Mercedes, Aston Martin, and Ferrari

Yes, Formula 1 has had more exciting seasons, that’s for sure. Max Verstappen is on a six-race winning streak, and a Red Bull driver has won all 10 of the races held in this season’s championship.

As a result, Max Verstappen has a 99-point lead in the Drivers Championship, and Red Bull has a lead of 208 points in the Constructors Championship. This also means that bookmakers are no longer offering odds on either Verstappen or Red Bull winning their respective championships this season. And even if they were, there would be nothing worth betting on anyway.

It’s just been a procession for Verstappen and Red Bull. And try as they might, Mercedes, Aston Martin, and Ferrari can’t get near them.

But this has led to a three-way battle in the betting to win the Constructors Championship w/o Red Bull, and here we look at the latest odds in more detail.

Betting to win the Constructors Championship w/o Red Bull

The best Formula 1 betting sites have Mercedes as their betting favorites. A few weeks back it was seen as a 50/50 contest between Aston Martin and Mercedes. But now Mercedes has gone out in front, and Ferrari has also entered the fray.

The Brackley-based Mercedes team is now the -150 favorite to win Constructors Championship without Red Bull. They are followed by Ferrari at +275, with Aston Martin at +300.

In the Constructors Championship, Mercedes are now in second place with 203 points. This sees them 22 points clear of Aston Martin (181 points), and 46 ahead of Ferrari (157 points).

Interestingly, the best F1 betting sites are making Ferrari shorter in betting than Aston Martin. This is mainly down to the makeup of the two teams.

2023 F1 Constructors Championship w/o Red BullBetOnline ReviewBovadaMyBookie Review
Aston Matrin+300+300+300
Alfa Romeo+500000+500000+500000
Alpha Tauri+500000+500000+500000

Fernando Alonso is carrying Aston Martin

The main challenger to Red Bull at the start of the 2023 F1 season was Fernando Alonso in his Aston Martin. Alonso started with three podium finishes from the first three races. This saw Alonso go third in the Drivers Championship behind the two Red Bull drivers, a position he still holds now.

But since then, we’ve seen Lewis Hamilton and his Mercedes team performing better. And in recent weeks, even Ferrari have upped their game.

But the main problem for Aston Martin in the Constructors Championship is they only have one driver regularly competing for podium places. And this doesn’t bode well when Mercedes and Ferrari have two.

Fernando Alonso’s teammate at Aston Martin is Lance Stroll. And unfortunately for the team, Stroll isn’t in the same class as the two-time World Champion. So far in 2023, Stroll hasn’t managed one podium finish, and his best performances are a 4th place finish and two 6th place finishes.

In the Aston Martin team, Stroll has only contributed 44 points to their total of 181. Fernando Alonso has contributed 137.

Compare that to Mercedes, where Lewis Hamilton (121) and George Russell (82) have combined for 203 points, and Ferrari who have both Carlos Sainz (83) and Charles Leclerc (74) contributing to their 157 points, and it’s not difficult to see where the problem lies.

Our Pick

Mercedes are the team in the strongest position to finish second behind Red Bull. The car has undergone a series of upgrades, and it’s hard to see them not beating Aston Martin this season.

But with Ferrari coming on the scene again, could they challenge Mercedes for second place and be a better value betting pick? Mercedes has a 46-point buffer over Ferrari, but George Russell has only had one podium finish this season and hasn’t been contributing as much as his team would have liked.

And from a Ferrari perspective, Charles Leclerc is their No.1 driver, but at the moment is being outperformed by his teammate, Carlos Sainz. But if Leclerc can come good, does that make the Prancing Horse a better value bet?

The chances are, this could end up being one of those up-and-down betting markets. At the moment, Ferrari looks like the better value team to back, but if Mercedes do slide and go odds against, they will be worth backing. It could well end up being a market where it is possible to hedge bets.

But for now, a bet on Ferrari to win the Constructors Championship without Red Bull looks like the better value pick.

FerrariTo win 2023 Constructors Championship w/o Red Bull
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