Delaware Bounced Back With Strong August and September of Sports Betting

This was expected for the people who love sports betting over in Delaware. Unfortunate news arrived for officials over the summer, as the sports betting numbers had dropped to a concerning level. What was going on? Well, things have been flipped recently, as Delaware bounced back with strong August and September of sports betting. Did you really expect anything different to go down in this case?

According to a report, Delaware set an iGaming record for August, but they also received nearly $3 million in sports bets, up more than seven percent from the month before. The official numbers haven’t been released yet for September, but that same report stated that the state is expecting even bigger numbers. It goes without saying, but this is amazing to see for so many people involved.

There indeed was a ton of worry for people when the June and July numbers came in. There was hope that things would get going for the heart of the baseball season, but that wasn’t the case. With things really heating up in August, though, for baseball players, it only makes sense that we saw things get back on the right track. In Delaware, despite there being no pro baseball team, people love the Phillies, Yankees and Mets.

With the Phillies, this team was able to completely turn things around and people were checking the MLB betting odds with consistency. Moving forward, you already know that people are going to be checking the World Series betting odds with passion and get some wagers in. The Phillies and Yankees remain in the postseason, while the Mets suffered a Wild Card Round loss to the San Diego Padres in Flushing.

The NFL’s return is also massive for Delaware betting

Another thing to keep in mind here is that the NFL’s return is also massive for Delaware betting. Matter of fact, the NFL being back in action is huge for sports betting across the world. In Delaware specifically, yes, there’s no team in the state, but football fans love the Eagles, Giants and Jets. All three of these teams have surprised plenty of people thus far this season and more of the same should be on the way.

With the Eagles, a lot of folks in Delaware have been cashing in their bets on the Philly squad. The Eagles are the only undefeated team left in the NFL at 5-0. Who in the heck saw this coming?! Not only are the Eagles looking great, but Jalen Hurts is finding himself in the MVP conversation. Hurts is a dual-threat quarterback, and he’s been a great fit for young head coach Nick Sirianni.

Meanwhile with the Giants, people in Delaware are also betting big on them and it has paid off. The Giants are 4-1 on the year, fresh off their stunning upset win over the Green Bay Packers in London during Week 5. Daniel Jones is silencing his haters and Saquon Barkley currently leads the NFL in yards from scrimmage. Did anyone expect us to be saying that at this point in the campaign?

Overall, the NFL has provided us with plenty of headlines early on and it’s been fun to see. More and more bets are going to keep coming in, which of course is going to be good news for Delaware as a whole. The sports betting economy is back to healthy after a slow few months. All of those concerns on the wagers are now gone. Don’t be surprised to see big numbers come in for October and November either.

Super Bowl futures bets will be big in Delaware

Another thing to keep in mind here is that Super Bowl futures bets will be big in Delaware. With the Eagles playing so well, people all across the northeast are loving every minute of this. While Philly isn’t expected to stay undefeated the rest of the way, they’re in the Lombardi Trophy conversation thanks to Hurts, Miles Sanders, A.J. Brown and others. They’re not the only team to keep an eye on, though.

The Buffalo Bills continue to hold the top Super Bowl betting odds. This weekend, Buffalo will take on the Kansas City Chiefs in one of the biggest games of the year. Josh Allen going up against Patrick Mahomes? This is the kind of matchup that football fans have had circled on their calendars for a while, as these two quarterbacks are among the best in the business. The winner of this one will have loads of confidence the rest of the way, especially during the postseason.

Don’t sleep on teams like the Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens or Tampa Bay Bucs either. All in all, the football season is proving to be so darn intriguing and we’re not even halfway through. This means more excitement is on the way, and more bets for people in Delaware to make. It should be a fun ride and people will be following things closer than ever, that’s for sure.

Chris Boline

Chris Boline is a renowned sports journalist with a lifelong passion for the industry. Originally from Reno, Nevada, he is a key business development figure in college athletics, with over a decade of experience with the NBA G League, Los Angeles Chargers, and Mountain West Conference. Boline holds an MBA from the University of Nevada. He has received MVP and "Best of" honors from the NBA/Sacramento Kings, Nevada Press Association, and more. His work has been showcased statewide and nationally. Boline has established himself as an expert in MLB and legal sports betting developments. When he's not immersed in the world of sports, Chris finds joy in exploring nature's wonders.