Washington Tribal Sports Betting Gets Challenged?

Washington Tribal Sports Betting Gets Challenged?

It is a peculiar time in the Washington sports betting world. Well, in time it may get more interesting. Currently, entities have been trying to fight the tribal-exclusive sports wagering for a few years now. This has been met with much resistance and little success. In legal news from the sports betting world, there just seems to be little hope of much changing in 2022. Washington Tribal Sports Betting is finally getting challenged by someone not willing to just walk away.

Washington Tribal-Exclusive sports betting has been around for a couple of years. While other states have allowed a more competitive marketplace, the state of Washington has not. It has created an environment of considerable acrimony in some circles as companies have tried to make the marketplace more competitive.

Enter Maverick Gaming into the mix. They have been a persistent critic of the current status quo in Washington State. The entity rallied some lawmakers, residents, unions, and more in their effort to get something on the ballot in 2022.

One simple problem is that there is a roadblock. When one person has a lot of power, more problems arise. Representative Kloba guaranteed there would be no hearing in 2022. With the legislative branch of things blocked, there were honestly few other options.

Maverick Gaming Sues For Commercial Sports Betting

So, the main goal for Maverick Gaming is to see commercialized sports betting in the state of Washington. With one road blocked, the gaming company turned to a lawsuit to seek a remedy The first hope is to see this interpretation of the Indian Gaming Regulation Act (IGRA) as being illegal. Maverick believes these tribal

“Contrary to IGRA’s own words, the law is being used to insulate tribes in Washington state from competition. This competition that exists in many other states with legal gaming marketplaces. We look forward to resolving this matter. That is so the IGRA’s intent and wording are reflected in Washington state’s regulated gaming marketplace for tribal and commercial businesses,” Theodore Olson added.

There is the idea that sports betting could be completely reversed like in Florida where everyone would have to start all over again. That does not seem to be likely, but it could happen

Most residents keep getting tired of the lack of competitive sports betting in Washington. However, legislators and no one is very quick to act. They like the way things are right now. Why would they change anything right now? If it is not broken to them, why fix it?

The Tribal Councils Counter Statement

It is an important thing to express that the tribal councils counter the claims of Maverick Gaming. They believe that the entity has spent the past 2-3 years trying to make inroads into their businesses and agreements. This is so that the gaming company can pick up the pieces when the law is changed to favor them and them alone. So, Rebecca George, executive director of the Washington Indian Gaming Association (WIGA) drafted a statement in response to the lawsuit filed a couple of weeks ago.

“Maverick Gaming’s newly announced federal lawsuit is a desperate attempt to overturn federal law. This involves the will of the Washington State legislature, state and federal agency decisions. Also, it clearly expressed sentiments of the general public in Washington State. This would severely undermine the well-regulated and safe system of limited gaming. It is this gaming that has been established in Washington State over three decades of carefully negotiated compacts. Thanks to the State of Washington and Native American tribes, there has been continued peace and prosperity.”

The feeling is that Maverick Gaming looks to be desperate. The WIGA is not wrong here. They are desperate because the gaming company sees the writing on the wall. Unfortunately, the state does not. While sports betting in Washington is frustrating for some, the system is efficient to the state.

The malaise expects to only continue for sports bettors. Furthermore, the problems keep multiplying for Washington. They are surrounded by states like Oregon and Nevada. Yes, the tribal council betting is simpler. However, it is also costly to the state’s bottom line. Not opening the competition up even a little is having an effect. This is whether Washington likes it or not.

Any Washington sports betting competition likely in 2022?

Again, some do keep asking the question. When will sports betting competition take place in Washington? There are plenty of ramifications on this. After all, other companies would probably slide in behind Maverick Gaming including DraftKings, BetMGM, FanDuel, and several other such entities.

Those who wager money will have to just go into other states for their DraftKings, BetMGM, FanDuel, or other options. Remember, opening up the commercial sports betting market likely opens up the daily fantasy sports market. Currently, DFS is illegal in Washington. Few expect that to change and few expect commercial sports betting in 2022. Finally, It seems like a matter destined for a higher court. Could that be the Supreme Court? Now, that is very possible given the current climate.

When would a case like that hit the highest court? That expects to be another year at least. Therefore, Washington must wait for more diverse competition. In the meantime, one can look at some free sports betting odds and picks.

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