2021 MLB Specials: Next Team To Be In A Bench Clearing Brawl

  • BetUS is offering a prop on what MLB club will be next to be involved in a bench-clearing brawl
  • The Yankees and Red Sox top the list at +400 because of their longtime AL East rivalry
  • There is no love lost between Houston and Los Angeles since the Astros used a sign-stealing scheme to steal the 2017 World Series

While we teach our children not to condone violence, everyone loves a good bench-clearing brawl. One player violates an unwritten rule of the game or admires his home run for a beat too long and the pitcher inevitably responds by whizzing a 90-mile-per-hour fastball by his head. Next thing you know, the batter is charging the mound and teammates on both sides are pouring out of the dugout for a good old-fashioned donnybrook.

Something like this occurred just over a week ago in a game between the Pirates and the Mets. And while no one knows when it will happen again, you can bet on what MLB team will be involved in the next bench-clearing altercation. Let’s look at the odds and be sure to refer to our MLB 2021 betting guide for further wagering tips and advice.

Next Team In Bench Clearing Brawl

New York Yankees+400
Boston Red Sox+400
Houston Astros+600
Los Angeles Dodgers+600
New York Mets+800
Chicago White Sox+800
Chicago Cubs+1000
San Diego Padres+1000
Oakland Athletics+1200
St. Louis Cardinals+1200
Tampa Bay Rays+1400
Cincinnati Reds+1400
Cleveland Indians+1600
San Francisco Giants+1600
Minnesota Twins+1800
Philadelphia Phillies+1800
Los Angeles Angels+2000
Washington Nationals+2000
Milwaukee Brewers+2200
Kansas City Royals+2200
Atlanta Braves+2400
Colorado Rockies+2400
Seattle Mariners+2800
Detroit Tigers+2800
Miami Marlins+2800
Arizona Diamondbacks+2800
Balimore Orioles+3300
Pittsburgh Pirates+3300
Texas Rangers+3300
Toronto Blue Jays+3300

Big market clubs top the list

While the New York Yankees certainly aren’t in World Series contention this year, they are the co-favorites with the Boston Red Sox (+400) to get in the next dugout-clearing fight.

This is likely due to their historic rivalry, but a cursorary Google search reveals the the two franchises haven’t been in fisticuffs since 2018. Still, fans of a certain age will never forget the 2003 ALCS brawl when Hall-of-Fame pitcher Pedro Martinez grabbed 72-year-old Don Zimmer by the head and threw him to the ground.

Houston and Los Angeles are next on the board at +600 – the two clubs were last involved in a bench-clearing brouhaha in July 2020. That was the first game between the Astros and Dodgers since the revelation that Houston illegally stole signs and banged on trash cans to beat LA in the 2017 World Series.

While the teams haven’t fought since, a vicious brawl broke out in the stands of Minute Maid Park during a May game between the Dodgers and Astros. Cell phone video posted to social media showed at least four people throwing punches and one man bleeding profusely, proving that this rivalry is still running hot.

New York YankeesNext Bench Brawl
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Boston Red SoxNext Bench Brawl
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Other bets to brawl

The New York Mets (+800) have been involved in two bench-clearing altercations this season – one last week after an altercation between Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman and Pirates (+3300) first basemen John Nogowksi, and one against the divisional rival Phillies (+1800) in early May.

The Chicago Cubs (+1000) and Cincinnati Reds (+1400) also got into a bench-clearing shouting match back in May after  Amir Garrett struck out Anthony Rizzo and the two exchanged words. What all these incidents have in common is that while the dugouts emptied, no punches were thrown – which is likely essential to BetUS paying out this bet.

Given the unpredictable nature of a bench-clearing brawl, which could be ignited by the smallest slight at any second of any baseball game, we advise wagering on the Pirates, Orioles, Rangers and Blue Jays as all these clubs offer the most lucrative payouts at +3300.

New York MetsNext Bench Brawl
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