The NFL is one of the hottest sports leagues for betting. And Buccaneers betting is a huge part of that action. For those who are fans of the Bucs, you will want to keep an eye on the Buccaneer’s odds across top sports betting sites. Here’s our complete guide to Buccaneer Vegas odds. Check out other NFL teams guides too!



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Buccaneers Odds to Win the Super Bowl

Check out the Buccaneers Super Bowl odds! These betting lines will change as we get closer and closer to the big game. These lines come from top online football gambling sites.

2023 Super BowlBovadaBetOnlineMyBookie

Buccaneers Betting Odds

Check out these other Vegas odds for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We have the odds for them to win the NFC. Remember that the NFL team that wins the conference also advances to the Super Bowl. This means that the odds to go to the Super Bowl are identical to the ones for winning the National Football Conference.

NFC Winners Odds 2023BetOnlineMyBookieBetUS
Los Angeles RamsTBATBATBA
San Francisco 49ersTBATBATBA
Green Bay PackersTBATBATBA
Philadelphia EaglesTBATBATBA
Tampa Bay BuccaneersTBATBATBA

Here’s another chart with Tampa Bay Bucs odds. In this case, we have combined the odds from the other tables so you can just focus on the betting markets for the Bucs.

Buccaners OddsBovadaBetUSMyBookie
Odds to win the Super Bowl+650+600+600
Odds to make it to the Super Bowl+380+375+400

Tampa Bay Bucs Betting History

The Bucs are a relatively new franchise, having started in 1976 with the growth in population across the Sun Belt.  They took a few decades to get their feet on the ground and did not experience much success for a very long time.

In fact, they did not make it to the Super Bowl until the twenty-first season. That is to say, they took 26 years to become conference champions. However, once they did, they were very successful. Every time the Bucs have made it to the Super Bowl, they have won!

List of Buccaneers Super Bowl Championships

  • 2002 – Super Bowl XXXVII
  • 2020 – Super Bowl LV
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How to Read Buccaneers Vegas Odds

Moneyline Betting

A moneyline bet is the most basic bet type that you will find in all sports betting. It is also the easiest to get to grips on. A moneyline bet is simply wagering on a team to win. If the Buccaneers are playing the Vikings, you might stake on the Bucs to win as a moneyline. It does not matter by how many points they win.

Over/Under Betting

Over/Under bets are when players wager on the final score of a particular game. An example of this would be if the Bucs reach the Super Bowl and you want to place an over bet on the Bucs to score 18.5 points or more. This would mean if they score 19 points or more the bet pays out. If you bet “under” then they would have to score 18 or less to get the payout.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is also a very common betting type. here you not only bet on the winner, but also by how much they will win. The bettor will bet on the value within the game, which could be the outright score, then see if the team reaches that score. This is a good option if the game is going to be a blowout and you are looking for a tighter, better-paying wager.

Futures Betting

Futures betting is when you bet on a bigger game typically farther ahead in the future. They are very similar to moneyline bets in that you are generally choosing the winner of the game and that’s it. Nothing too complicated here! Just keep in mind that the betting lines are likely to change over time, given how long the betting markets are available.


Prop Bets

Prop bets are the most creative bet type. In this, you can sit back and relax because the final outcome of the game is often irrelevant. Here you can bet on fun and creative propositions, such as who will be the first team to score, or if the first score will be a touchdown or a field goal.

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