Alabama Hits Another Setback In Quest For Sports Betting?

Alabama hits setback for sports betting again?

It was believed that this might be the year for Alabama to get something in the books for sports betting. However, 2021 came and went without much in the way of progress. In 2022 sports betting legal news, maybe some later hope is out there but as of the end of 2021, Alabama had nothing in the books for residents our tourists.

Having said that, other surrounding states are at least somewhat in on sports betting. The problem with Alabama is the limited availability. They have no lottery. There are only three tribal casinos to draw off of. With no legislation, that makes legalized sports betting more challenging even for sometime in 2022.

When the question keeps getting asked, there has to be wonder as to when this is going to happen. It feels like Alabama is a lot like Massachusetts. Both states have tried quite a few times to get on board with legalized options for gamblers. However, it just seems to come up snake eyes every time. This has turned into quite a source of frustration.

One can take a look at a timeline of tweets from Alabama residents and hundreds of these messages come up on social media every day, maybe thousands. It is a plea that seems to fall on deaf ears. This is in spite of some efforts that have come close in the past.

The latest failed sports betting attempt in Alabama

So, Alabama did try to get on the board, like we said, in 2021. The latest failed sports betting attempt in Alabama did see a series of bills make it past the Senate. One of them even included a referendum in the upcoming 2022 state elections in November. However, once again, the House just never acted on anything. There was little consensus. As a result, the bills wound up just twisting in the wind.

The House has been quite a thorn in the side of Alabama when it comes to sports betting. There have been several bonafide attempts to get a state lottery on the move or even mobile wagering. Every time something appears close, this legislative body just slams the door.

Also, keep in mind this was three consecutive years where measures failed to gain any traction at all in the house. In 2019, there was HB 315, and 2020 had HB 336. Both of those bills like the series of proposals in 2021 from the Senate had sports betting legislation ready. The problem came down to wanting to come to a consensus and act. Simply, that just did not happen.

Most residents have grown tired of the House’s inaction on the sports betting issueHowever, one has to almost admire how states like Alabama and Massachusetts continue to flub initiatives. This is in spite of having a daily fantasy sports groundwork in place. Legislation should not be hard and yet, Alabama was back to square one at the end of 2021.

Other states adding to the Alabama frustration

It is essential to mention that other states are only adding to the Alabama frustration. Residents, legislators, and even some tourists are wondering loudly what will it take. How long can sports betting take to become legal? After all, even Mississippi has some legal sports gambling on the books. Furthermore, Tennessee has mobile sports wagering as well but no retail as of yet. However, they are moving toward that as well.

Alabama residents and tourists definitely are seeing red with this news. The majority of them cannot wait to place bets in any form and now have increasing options to go to other bordering states to make wagers. If that was not enough, did we mention that Mississippi did the following?

The vision of seeing masses of gamblers spending lots of money or worse moving to other states is troubling. While this is not at the level of Florida’s legalization futility, it is getting close. Obviously, Alabama is not the biggest state in the United States but does represent a noticeable amount of money when it comes to tourism revenue. There are lots of scenic areas and of course Alabama has one of the best college football teams in the country.

And things are only going to get more interesting for the state of Alabama. With the Mississippi news and further gambling expansion, do some residents leave? While there’s some hope that mobile sports betting in Alabama could be near, people are simply just growing less and less patient that something concrete will be in place in 2022. Some publications have even half-heartedly joked that sports betting may not be legal until 2024 or 2025.

Some Alabama sports betting movement possible in 2022?

Again, the question keeps hitting the floor. When will online sports betting start taking place in Alabama? There are plenty of NCAA Football Betting sites that want in on the action. However, the going consensus is that the state will not have anything in place by the start of the college football season in the Fall.

Those who wager money will have to be patient. Senator Greg Albritton does have a new bill and measures ready to go. This does address sports betting — mobile and retail. It also sets up regulations as well. The question is does the House act on it or do they fumble the ball yet again? Governor Kay Ivey wants sports betting badly. Plus with Georgia possibly having it on the ballot, the time is now.

It is all in the House’s hands much like every year with the lottery since 1999. Scary thought, isn’t it?

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