Florida sports betting was cleared by U.S. officials for the October start

Massive, life-changing news has arrived out of Florida that bettors across the state are going to love. That’s because Florida sports betting was cleared by U.S. officials for the October start. That’s right, folks, come Oct. 15, sports betting is officially going to be legal for anyone who wants to check out different odds and place a bet in.

Back in April, Florida and the Seminole Tribe reached an agreement on a 30-year deal that would bring sports betting to the state. This contract is set to bring in countless jobs, while Florida is also predicting the state to receive around $20 billion over the 30 years. However, while that was all nice and sweet, it still needed approval from Joe Biden’s administration.

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Fortunately, that went through this week, which means that nothing will stop the Seminole Tribe from getting things underway on Oct. 15. We don’t have to tell you how big of a deal this is, as people in Florida have been waiting for years to be able to make their sports bets. We’ve seen sports betting become legal in several states in recent years, and now you can add Florida to the list.

“The final approval of this historic gaming compact is a big deal for the state of Florida,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said in a statement following the breaking news. “This mutually beneficial agreement will grow our economy, expand tourism and recreation and provide billions in new revenue to benefit Floridians.”

Is sports betting currently legal in Florida

With everyone wondering is sports betting currently legal in Florida, the answer to that question is no. While back in April this agreement was put into place and signed by DeSantis and the Seminole Tribe, there were still plenty of hoops for the two sides to jump through. At the top of the list was getting federal backing for this plan.

While countless folks were ready for this to get the go-ahead, there are still plenty of individuals who are against sports betting making its way to the Sunshine State. The reason for this is because there’s a concern of gambling addiction increasing at a high rate over in Florida. With that said, there will be age limits and restrictions for those who want to place bets.

The good news here too is that the Seminole Tribe will also be getting ready to implement different mobile sports betting options for sports fans to take advantage of. With the Seminole Tribe running the show in terms of sports betting, other companies are of course already reaching out to them to try and get more things going throughout the state.

Reports of out-of-state companies wanting to open up sportsbooks in the major cities has already been reported. Folks are eyeing places like Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando and more to try and set up shop. This of course makes a ton of sense, as those are heavily-populated areas, with high tourism numbers throughout the calendar year.

New casino games will also be allowed at the local venues

In addition to sports betting making its way over, new casino games will also be allowed at the local venues. As part of this new movement, new games such as roulette and craps will be allowed to be played at the tribal casinos. The Seminole Tribe owns six casinos in Florida, so now their visitors will see these changes implemented later this year.

All in all, this is a major victory for everyone involved. One big thing here too is the mobile aspect of the sports betting. Before, folks would have had to either go out of state or place their bets while they were on vacation. Now, though, the tribal casinos will put forth movements for mobile betting. So, you’ll be able to place a wager easily from your mobile device.

“Today is a great day for the people of Florida, who will benefit not only from a $2.5 billion revenue sharing guarantee over five years, but also from statewide sports betting and new casino games that will roll out this fall and mean more jobs for Floridians and more money invested in this state,” Seminole Tribe of Florida Chairman Marcellus Osceola Jr. recently said.

From a tourism standpoint, this is only going to pump more money into local communities. Folks always want to visit Florida, but the fact that more casino games and sports betting will be made legal will only entice more people to pack their bags and head south. DeSantis and Co. know this, which is why they couldn’t be happier right now.

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Sports betting in Florida will go through on Oct. 15

Again, we must reiterate that sports betting in Florida will go through on Oct. 15. Until then, absolutely no sports betting or online wagers in Florida will be able to take place. This is important to note because that will be in the heart of the NFL season, which of course is always a popular time of the year for sports bettors to check out NFL odds and get different bets in.

With the Miami Dolphins entering the new season with plenty of excitement, you can expect plenty of Dolphins fans to check out the odds and make different bets once mid-October rolls around. Things are about to change in a big way and everyone is counting down the days for this to happen. Get excited sports fans. Florida is about to get even more exciting.

Dan Favale

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