DraftKings and FanDuel Challenge Seminole Florida Betting Monopoly

There’s always action in the betting landscape in Florida. With so many actors such as the Seminoles, the state, and private betting companies, it is tough to keep clear everything that is happening. It can be tough for bettors in the Sunshine State to keep track of the latest Florida betting news.

For now, the bottom line is that Florida bettors can use offshore bookies, and none of the current efforts that are likely to pass will change this. You can enjoy online gambling sites in Florida without a problem.

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The Seminoles Enjoy Casino Monopoly

Currently, the Seminoles are the sole operators of land-based casinos in the State of Florida. They currently have seven Hard Rock Casinos on their tribal land. In exchange, they have a profit-sharing agreement with the state government.

For example, the Tampa Bay Seminole Hard Rock Casino. Here you can find over 5,000 machines and 110 tables.

In Florida, all expansion of legal casino betting needs to be approved by voters in Florida. This amendment to the state constitution was passed in 2018, with the support of the Seminoles who wanted to safeguard their monopoly.

Because the Seminoles operate their casinos on their own land, casinos are not considered technically legal in the state. The same would go for the expansion of sports betting, even if they have an online component, as the servers would be based on tribal territory as well.

Current Sports Betting Deal

Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, has entered into an important agreement with the Seminoles to expand betting options on tribal lands to include sports betting. This deal would also come with a considerable profit-sharing deal with the state.

In fact, it would be the largest casino-revenue share in the history of the United States. The sum would start at $500 million annually, and could only increase based on the profits that the Seminoles see via their sports betting ventures.

DeSantis insists that this does not amount to legalizing sports betting in the state

DraftKings and FanDuel Want in on the Action

With so much money on the line, DraftKings and FanDuel have teamed up to take on the Seminoles. They hope to legalize sports betting statewide, thus doing away with the Tribe’s long-standing monopoly on gambling in Florida.

Under the name “Florida Education Champions,” they have submitted a proposed amendment to the state constitution. Under this proposal, there would be no limits on locations in the state, and all types of sports betting would be allowed. This includes collegiate, professional, and Olympic, as well as prop bets.

The amendment would give the Seminoles a 20-month monopoly after its passage. This is meant to soften their opposition to the bill, which would eventually open up the market and bring sports betting to any corner in the state.

Florida Sports Bettors can Use Offshore sportsbooks

Bettors residing in the Sunshine State are free to use offshore sports gambling sites. In fact, we recommend it for better bonuses when compared to locally operated bookies.

The Seminoles currently operate their gambling operations as entities outside of Florida territory. By this same token, Florida bettors can access and enjoy the offshore sportsbooks that we recommend. It is important to use only trusted and legit online gambling sites.

Not only can you trust these sites, but they are the top ones out there for online betting sites. They will have multiple banking options, as well as lots of betting markets that Florida residents are looking for.




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