Five proposals have come in for a Chicago casino

It’s looking like folks who are fans of Illinois sports betting could have a new option to take advantage of in the near future. As we’ve written about before here on MyTopSportsbooks, the state is hopeful to add a massive casino in the heart of The Windy City sooner than later. Well, per local reports, five proposals have come in for a Chicago casino, with Mayor Lori Lightfoot eyeing a decision soon as well.

This of course won’t be an easy call for Lightfoot and her officials, as this is going to be a monster adventure for everyone involved. As of right now, there are no casinos in the heart of Chicago. For people who live in the big city, they need to travel just outside of the main area in order to place some bets in person. Having said that, Lightfoot knows what a casino in the heart of downtown would mean.

The plans for this casino will be monstrous for the city’s economy and really provide yet another reason for tourists to make their way to Chicago. It’s never a hard sell to visit Chicago, as it truly is one of the most beautiful cities in the Midwest of the United States. However, folks have often complained of the lack of betting options in person. Lightfoot is more than ready to change things here.

“We’re very, very interested in moving this process along as expeditiously as possible because, as you know, the revenue from that casino will fund our police and fire pensions and no time like the present for that,” Lightfoot said in a recent interview after it was announced that the proposals had all come in.

Who is competing to land this awesome casino project?

As you might have been able to guess, folks out there are asking themselves who is competing to land this awesome casino project? Well, it turns out that three different companies are battling it out for the right to bring downtown Chicago the city’s first ever casino. Those companies are Rush Street Gaming, Bally’s and Hard Rock International. Both Rush Street Gaming and Bally’s put in two different proposals.

Meanwhile for Hard Rock International, they presented a lone proposal for Lightfoot and her team to consider. Per a report, each company has presented some truly head-turning options on the table for the Chicago mayor to ponder. As we mentioned above, this isn’t going to be an easy decision for the city. While Lightfoot wants to decide sooner than later, she can’t rush things either.

What’s important to remember here is that it won’t be just a casino that’s coming to Chicago. Part of Lightfoot’s requirements for the proposals was that it would also have to include hotel rooms, a business center and more. This isn’t just going to be a place where people gamble, check out NFL Super Bowl odds and then go about their day. No, Lightfoot wants this to almost have a resort-type feel.

This has been welcomed by just about everyone who has been eyeing this casino project. The hospitality aspect is going to bring even more people to Chicago, which in turn is going to provide plenty of success for all of the local businesses too. Lightfoot fully understands this, which is why she’s calling on Bally’s, Rush Street Gaming and Hard Rock International to really deliver with what they’re saying.

New casino project will have a monster impact on Illinois sports betting

It goes without saying, but the new casino project will have a monster impact on Illinois sports betting as well. While no local sportsbooks are open in Chicago, this is going to change soon, with more and more options making their way to town. It has already been announced that a sportsbook will be making its way to the Wintrust Arena in the near future. Oh, that’s not where things end, either.

With Chicago lifting the ban on sports betting in the city, we are expected to see sportsbooks open up at Wrigley Field, Guaranteed Rate Field, the United Center and more. Then, with a sportsbook opening up at this new Chicago casino as well, it’s only going to add to the flexibility and ease for people all over Chicago to place their sports bets. We’re seeing more and more positive changes in terms of betting.

Starting in March, people will be able to sign up for new betting accounts online instead of having to do that in person. Plus, part of the ordinance signed will now allow for people to bet on in-state college athletes as well. People had been complaining about that ban for a while now, but the state finally shaped up and has decided to let people bet on the University of Illinois, Northwestern, DePaul and others.

Once this new casino does open up, the sports betting numbers are expected to be through the roof. With so much promise for this project, folks all over Chicago, Illinois, and the USA for that matter can’t wait for the doors to open. Soon enough, we should find out which company Lightfoot picks to move forward with their proposal.

Chris Boline

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