The San Francisco 49ers betting odds are hot each season, as they are one of the top teams in the NFL. 49ers’ odds aren’t just available for moneylines and futures, but a range of player props and team-specific stat wagers. If you’re a 49ers fan, or just love betting on the NFL, read on and find out more about the best team in California, the Bay Bombers.




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49ers Odds to win the Super Bowl

As one of the most storied franchises in the league, the Niners are always hoping to return to their former glory. However, it’s been a long time since they lifted the Lombardi Trophy, and many feel their time is coming again. Maybe they’ll get closer than they did in 2019, but we don’t see the 49ers lifting the trophy this year.

The San Francisco 49ers’ futures don’t look too bad. The 49ers super bowl odds are always an interesting futures wager, so be sure to check back with us each year for the latest. The 49ers’ odds to win the super bowl before the season start are at +1400. The 49ers to win the Super Bowl odds were last updated from the best online bookmakers on August 9, 2023:

San Francisco 49ers Odds 2023/24BovadaBetUS ReviewMyBookie Review
To win the Title+850+900+850
To Make the Playoffs+160+165+160
Over 10 Regular Season wins-110-120-110

49ers Betting Odds

There are many more odds than simply the Super Bowl outright winners’ odds. In fact, for teams as popular as the 49ers, sportsbooks always make a special effort to ensure that football fans have the full range of betting options at their fingertips. Be sure to check out the various 49ers betting odds before and during the season! The odds were last updated on August 9, 2023:

2024 Super BowlBovadaBetOnline ReviewBetUS Review
Kansas City Chiefs+550+600+550
Buffalo Bills+850+850+900
San Francisco 49ers+850+900+900
Philadelphia Eagles+900+900+900
Cincinnati Bengals+900+950+900
Dallas Cowboys+1500+1500+1400
Los Angeles Chargers+2200+2200+2200
Jacksonville Jaguars+2200+2200+2200
NFC Winners Odds 2024BetOnline ReviewMyBookie ReviewBetUS Review
Philadelphia Eagles+250+260+250
San Francisco 49ers+425+425+455
Dallas Cowboys+600+600+600
Detroit Lions+1000+1100+1000
Seattle Seahawks+1100+1100+1100
New Orleans Saints+1300+1300+1300
Minnesota Vikings+1500+1500+1600
New York Giants+2500+2500+2500

San Francisco 49ers Championship History

The San Francisco 49ers have won five Super Bowls and seven NFC Championships throughout its history.

  • Super Bowl XXIX 1994
  • Super Bowl XXIV 1989
  • Super Bowl XXIII 1988
  • Super Bowl XIX 1984
  • Super Bowl XVI 1981
  • NFC Championship 2019
  • NFC Championship 2012
  • NFC Championship 1994
  • NFC Championship 1989
  • NFC Championship 1988
  • NFC Championship 1984
  • NFC Championship 1981

The San Francisco 49ers best players of all time

The 49ers are one of the most successful teams in the history of the league, picking up 5 Super Bowl titles and standing second in the rankings of title-holders. As such, they’ve seen some great players over the years, the types of players whose names will last a lifetime and fans will never forget.

From epic moments to unforgettable speeches, we’ve seen it all with 49ers legends. For those betting fans that want to know a little bit more about the team here are some of the biggest names and the years they dominated things for San Francisco:

  • Jerry Rice (1985-2000)
  • Joe Montana (1979-1992)
  • Steve Young (1987-1999)
  • Ronnie Lott (1981-1990, 1995)
  • Dwight Clark (1979-1987)
  • Terrell Owens (1996-2003)
  • Charles Haley (1986-1991, 1998-1999)
  • Roger Craig (1983-1990)
  • John Taylor (1987-1995)
  • Frank Gore (2006-2014)

How to read 49ers Betting Odds

Finding the right 49ers bet can be difficult task. But, first, you must understand the various types of bets that are available at major sportsbooks. We’ll explore what those bets are below.

San Fransisco 49ers

Moneyline Betting

A moneyline bet is a very common bet in online sports gambling and definitely the simplest to grasp. In a moneyline bet you are just wagering on a team to win. If the 49ers are playing the Chiefs, you might bet on the 49ers to top the Chiefs and that would count as a moneyline.

Over/Under Betting

Over/Under bets allow players to wager on the total score from both teams. For example, if the 49ers reach the postseason and the bettor wants to place an over bet to score 25.5 points or more. This would mean if they score 26 points or more the betslip will bring you a profit.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is also a very common betting type. Here you can bet on by how much the winner will take home the victory.  You are not only betting on the winner, but also on the margin of that victory.

Futures Bets

A futures bet is of course a bet on an event farther down the road than a normal bet. Here the markets are online for a long time, so the lines will tend to change. Betting on the 49ers to win the Super Bowl is the most usual 49ers futures bet.

Prop bets

Prop bets, or proposition bets, are made regarding events that are not directly connected to the result of an event. Generally more fun, something to take pleasure from aside from the enjoyment of the game itself.