Betting Pick To Be 2024 Democrat Presidential Nominee

Who is the best betting pick to be 2024 Democrat Presidential nominee? Seemingly everyone in the United States has a strong opinion on it, but since its politics, most of those are emotional choices. We’re not going to be doing that here. No, we’re going to be bias-free as possible to give you the top betting selection to make money off of in the future!

Given Joe Biden is only in his first term as US President, the current betting odds shouldn’t be this wide-open, but they indeed are. Here are the current betting favorites to secure the 2024 nomination, the top online sportsbooks:

NomineeBetUS ReviewBovada
Joe Biden+100+100
Kamala Harris+200+200
Pete Buttigieg+550+550
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez+2000+2000
Bernie Sanders+3000+3000
Michelle Obama+3000+3000

2024 Democratic Presidential Nominee Betting Pick

Typically with other bets like futures wagers, we like making several bets. However, we will NOT be doing so with our 2024 Democratic Presidential nominee betting pick. That’s because we have one candidate squarely in mind to bet on. We’ll cover that candidate below, as well as the one NOT to pick.

Joe Biden

The list of one-term presidents who lost re-elections is a very short list in United States history. Only nine are on the list and just two of those — Jimmy Carter and Martin Van Buren — came from the Democrat side. So history says Biden SHOULD be re-elected, but honestly, we’re not quite so sure. Our advice is to stay away from Biden’s betting line.

There are two things at play here. One, will Biden even run for re-election to begin with? The elephant in the room is his age. Biden would turn 81 in November 2023, and if you listen to him speak in public, he sounds every bit that age and more. Biden has publically said he plans to run again, but privately, the doubts are mounting within his own political party.

Second and perhaps more importantly, if he runs, does he even have voters on his side? Plain and simple, his approval rating is in the dumps. Different polls have him pegged at different rates (most hover around 40 percent), but the picture paints Biden as sporting the lowest approval rating at this point in a presidency (only a year in) in at least 68 years. That rating has sunk so low thanks to the handling of Afghanistan and growing fears of economic inflation.

As is, it’s not looking pretty for the incumbent president. Biden’s last lifeline is the 2022 midterms. If the Democrats don’t perform well, Biden’s path to victory in 2024 becomes even more inconceivable. For us, the cons outweigh the pros for Biden. Save your money and bet on the candidate below, NOT on Biden.

Kamala Harris

The 2024 election could reveal a problem the Democrats have had for about a decade now: there’s no upcoming candidate inside the party that evokes the enthusiasm of Americans anywhere close to the level of Barack Obama once did. Hilary Clinton failed miserably at this. Biden at least had the Obama association (and Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic) on his side. But in the 2024 field, there’s really no candidate that stands out for the Dems. Cause of that, Harris might become the candidate out of pure necessity — not actual credentials.

Of course, we know Democrats lean heavily on “identity politics” centered around sexual gender, race, and so forth. Harris certainly checks these boxes as a bi-racial woman. While Clinton didn’t have the charisma to push the “first-ever female president” narrative forward, Harris possibly could fare better. We mean, at least she’s not hated anywhere to the level of Clinton was.

And if not Harris, then who else? Bernie Sanders has been cheated out of the nominee for two straight terms, why would things be any different this time around? Ocasio-Cortez, while popular and also an ethnic woman, shares many of the same policies as Sanders. If Sanders beliefs were too “radical” for the Dems, then you’d have to think the same goes for AOC. Pete Buttigieg is certainly rising fast but his sexuality might be too “radical” for a country that is still opposed to same-sex marriage in many pockets of the country.

So yes, our betting choice is Harris. She’s the “best of the rest”, which isn’t necessarily a winning strategy, but it is what it is for the Democrats in the post-Obama era.

Kamala Harristo win the 2024 Democratic Nominee For President
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How To Bet On Politics

Betting sites carrying politics is almost standard practice nowadays — which wasn’t the case circa 2015. It coincides with society’s move toward “everything being about politics.” No matter what your personal beliefs are, we’re never opposed to making money off bets and politics just happens to be a new option for all of us. To place your political bets, you can visit one of the betting sites underneath. You’ll find up-to-date odds on politics at any one of these bookmakers.

We should mention, political betting extends far beyond the United States. International affairs are also bettable at these betting sites. Elections in Australia, Brazil, and the UK currently have betting lines available. See for yourself by clicking one of the links below.




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