Tucker Carlson A Better Long Shot For President Than Tim Scott

  • Joe Biden now is  (+140) to get a second term as President of the United States. 
  • However, Donald Trump (+200 – overall) remains the favorite to win the Republican Part nomination.
  • With the Republicans maintaining a -125 favorite to win the Presidential Election, that indicates a shift, right?

The 2024 political cycle engine moves slowly but it is moving. Now, for us political aficionados, it never hurts to speculate on what could happen come the race for the White House next Novemeber. Bettors get psyched for election season and we have a few longer shot US Presidential Election Picks. Expect lots of vinegar, vigor, rhetoric, and all the viciousness in this insane race to the White House.

As always, the top online betting sportsbooks update the odds about every four to six weeks or so. Below, we present some of the latest changes and then maybe a few candidates that could surprise during this cycle. Keep in mind, the general election is a little less than 18 months from now.

Next US President NumbersBovadaMyBookie Review
Joe Biden+150+140
Donald Trump+200+217
Ron Desantis+450+430
Robert Kennedy Jr.+1500+1600
Kamala Harris+2500+2700
Michelle Obama+3000+3200
Gavin Newsome+3300+3400
Nikki Haley+3500+3600
Tucker Carlson+6000+6200

US Presidential Election Picks – Is This A Three Horse Race?

So, this edition of the US Presidential Election Pickasks one question first. Is this a three horse race? The answer depends on who you believe or want to believe. However, one thing is crystal clear. Anyone that comes at the 45th President best swing must dislodge that Republican base of his in the primary. As for Biden, it seems that no one credible can truly challenge him on the Democrat side. Could that change?

Ron DeSantis believes that there are only three candidates who can become President in 2024. That would be him, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden. Honestly, the numbers seem to side with the words coming out of DeSantis’ mouth.

The reactions of such a statement all but insure that DeSantis is getting into the race. What is crazy is this? We spent the better part of three months waiting for the Florida governor to officially announce his candidacy. They say it is coming in the next week. Will this be more anticlimatic than sliced bread? One does have to wonder. one thing. On the other hand, this risks again making Trump stronger and could buoy a third run at the White House.

Trump becomes tougher to dislodge for DeSantis. The expectation is the close numbers for the Republican nomination may be child’s place. Honestly, the value for Trump may be with that +250. It is a number which figures not to last too much longer. Some have claimed DeSantis is far worse than Trump. However, there is still considerable unknown with DeSantis. Anyone who is anyone says hey, the Devil you know is better than the Devil one does not.

Donald Trump.to win the Republican Nomination
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Fueling Longer Shots From The Republican Side?

So, here is where this race may go a bit off the rails. Why? That is simple. Always bet with caution when it comes to top political betting sites. It could be good to think about some things that are fueling longer shots from the Republican side in the 2024 US Presidential Election Picks.

After all, we have talked about Donald Trump and Joe Biden a lot. From the Trump perspective, he feels no one can pry away his base. Right now, that seems every bit to be true. If anything, that base has strengthened. This election boils down to if Trump can swing independents and a few Democrats along the way. Any candidate facing Trump has a lot of eggs to juggle in one basket as they say.

With the summer of 2023 drawing closer, there are so many problems in the United States. Inflation remains high in a lot of urban areas, interest rates are through the roof. Have you tried to get a home loan lately? Exactly! Then, there is the debt ceiling. As it there were not enough problems, just add one more to the fire log.

Again statements like this fuel the longer shots from the Republican side. Now, that is why the US Presidential Election Picks stay a little tilted when it comes to whether a Republican or Democrat wins the White House. Remember, Republicans are a -120 to -135 favorite to win back the Presidency. If a viable candidate comes in to steal enough of Trump’s base, they very well could have a shot against Joe Biden. Oh, we have one for you that is off the wall on the surface.

US Presidential Election Picks – What About Tucker Carlson?

After what happened with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, what about Carlson in the US Presidential Election Picks? This seems insane but given how popular Carlson’s new Twitter show would be, it could be something for the journalist to get into the political ring. He is not afraid of anyone for one. The crazy part is he is less of a long shot than some candidates who are about to announce their intentions.

Some notables like Nikki Haley, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg are still languishing in the +3000 to +5000 range. Right now, they need a spark unlike a Carlson. Again, he is a built-in spark. For better or for worse, one knows what they are getting with Carlson much like Trump.

Looking at that popularity alone makes one wonder would Carlson ever take a shot?

Tucker Carlson.to become President Of The United States
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Cue Up More Long Shots?

Yes, let’s cue up more long shots. Tim Scott has a nice war chest built and +7000 odds. Then, there are still Michelle Obama and Mike Pence. Those two do seem like passing fancy while Scott could carry some interest. Expect the Republican field to get more crowded.

Tim Scott.to win the Presidency
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