Bill Clinton Among Favorites To Wrongfully Possess Documents

  • Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Mike Pence all had classified documents. So far, only Trump has been indicted. 
  • However, it seems like other former presidents and vice presidents may have skeletons in the closet.
  • Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney remain co-favorites to have illegal documents in their possession.

The 2024 political cycle engine needed a bit of a break. Now, for us political “junkies”, it never hurts to speculate on who else may have those shiny documents that are classified. Naturally, bettors get pumped when they see numbers on things that are not normal. Yes, US Political Propheat up with a taste of something slightly different ripped from the almost current headlines.

As usual, the prime online betting sportsbooks update the odds about every few weeks on these trending topics. Below, we present some fun updates. Keep in mind, this is a bet where, to win, the person must be found to have documents before the end of 2023. Time is limited as only a little over half the year is left. Below is our table.

Who Has Illegal Documents?BovadaMyBookie Review
Bill Clinton+200+220
Dick Cheney+225+220
George W. Bush+450+400
Barack Obama+500+400
Al Gore+1200+1200
Dan Quayle+1400+1400
Jimmy Carter+1800+1400

US Political Special Props – How Is Bill Clinton Not A Bigger Favorite?

So, with this edition of the US Political Special Props, let’s as one question first. How is Bill Clinton not a bigger favorite here? The answer lies truly as a mystery. Consider all the Clinton scandals and those who have perished from either knowing too much information or worse. The thought process is there have to be extra documents somewhere. Honestly, it makes a ton of sense. Clinton almost seems too easy of a target.

After all, with Joe Biden and Donald Trump both having documents in their possession, the Clinton’s have to have some. Why not limit this to Bill? That is an excellent question. After all, Hillary surely had some too as a First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. For our purposes, Bill, as a target, comes as an easier choice.

The notion of such allegations insures keeping political reporters and investigators searching throughout the rest of 2023. If people think someone out there is not investigating this, you are sadly mistaken. Hillary Clinton’s ability to shred documents and delete e-mails is well documented. Whether anything sticks becomes a larger question. However, all that needs to happen is someone finds documents in the next six months or so.

Some experts believed the number here could be -150 to -200. The reality is seeing odds in the opposite direction err the plus range. That sounds more peculiar than the original assertion. Yes, the Clinton’s have to have their fare share of documents. However, are they all on the up and up? No one is truly convinced one way or the other when it comes to some matters. From Whitewater to relations to China, something does not add up with the Clintons, even to this day.

Bill Clintonto have classified documents
Bet now

How About A Couple Of Republicans?

So, here is where things go haywire from the other side of the political spectrum. Why? That is simple. Always bet with your head when it comes to the most optimal political betting sites. It could be good to think about hedges that are from the Republican side in the US Political PropsThere are a couple older gentlemen who could fit the bill.

After all, Donald Trump may be far from the traditional politician but George W. Bush and Dick Cheney certainly have long histories in the political realm. While Dick Cheney is a co-favorite in some circles, it appears some may have this script flipped a bit. Why?

With the Bush-Cheney ticket in the mid 2000’s, it was clear who might better hide and dispose of documents. It had to be Dick Cheney. Unfortunately, Cheney was accidentally shot in a hunting mishap. On the other hand, despite some close calls, he never was caught with any documents which could be considered suspicious. There were always stories about the younger Bush and his inability to keep secrets and worse.

Again statements like this fuel this slightly longer shot from the Republican side. Yes, that is why the US Political Special Props stay a little tilted when it comes to whether George W. Bush really did the deed here. Remember, he is a solid +400 to +450 depending on the book. Taking a shot on the elder Bush would be interesting yet less surprising. All it takes is an overzealous investigator.

George W. wrongfully possess documents
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US Political Special Props – What About Barack Obama?

Given what is occurring with Joe Biden and even Trump, what about Barack Obama in the US Political Props? This seems not too far-fetched at this juncture. Consider all the accusations flying out these days. With how divisive everything in the United States is these days, nothing would be very shocking now. Furthermore, some argue Obama has been awfully quiet when it comes to Joe Biden and maybe too quiet.

Some notable commentators like Jake Tapper and even Tucker Carlson wondered as such about the former President. With some information being kept hush, the fervor only grows to find “smoking guns and worse” on anyone and everyone. Sadly, the country’s worst trait from the media is the bloodlust to find dirt on everyone. That goes even for Mr. Obama too.

Looking at the +500 alone makes one wonder would Carlson ever take a shot?

Bubba win the Geico 500
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Send In The Long Shots?

Okay, send in the long shots. Al Gore at +1200 is a more likely target than say Dan Quayle or especially Jimmy Carter. Poor Carter is in hospice care for goodness sake. Gore, on the other hand, still very much profits from his stances and causes.

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